Elon Musk NEW Tesla E Bike 2022 Will Blow Your Mind!

Elon Musk NEW Tesla E Bike 2022 Will Blow Your Mind!
Along with money, Elon Musk has an abundance of opinions. As the founder of the electric automobile firm Tesla, he has strong feelings about traffic. He wants it conquered – by idiotic underground tunnels, self-driving cars, and sending people into space. From a car-centric standpoint, he might be correct. Thousands of automobiles driven in and out of urban areas by single occupants every day have a habit of clogging arterials. However, the responses to Musk’s thoughts – which have received a lazy 5,000 quote tweets – have split in two revealing directions: public transportation advocates telling him he’s wrong (which he is) and bikers telling him he’s wrong (which he is).



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