The First TESLA Tech Tells All | Gruber Motors

We were honored today by a visit from Jamison Cummings, the first service tech hired by Tesla, and employee #195.

His autograph, along with the first couple hundred employees, is on all 350 Signature Roadster Carbon Fiber plaques mounted between the seats of these early Teslas as a tribute to those that stuck by Tesla. As an early pioneer, he recalls the days when the company was still tiny, battling the threat of bankruptcy, wondering if the EV path was a pipe dream or reality, and they would have a job the next day.

In this video, we get a rare glimpse into how even a small company can evolve into a mega-giant, with strong and inspirational leadership guiding vision, an unwavering commitment to a goal, and leadership unwilling to quit and give up.

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  1. Should have asked him why it's a battery drop on the MS for the front lower wishbone bolt.

  2. Great interview – love hearing stories from the people who worked at Tesla in the early days.

  3. Musk persevered through enormous pressure. Working long hours and rolling up his sleeves. Yet there are still detractors throwing shade on him.

    They say he took subsidies as though it was a bad thing. Yet it kept Americans gainfully employed.

    Perhaps the self righteous finger pointers should send back their covid relief checks. Or stop looking for loopholes and taking deductions on their taxes. Then they’d have room to talk.

    Almost none of these people employ anyone. The same people insisting we should buy American heap hate onto the most American car built today.

    The stranglehold unions have on politics cannot be overstated. They provide a river of money.

    That’s why despite Tesla being at the forefront of EV revolution Musk was frozen out of Biden’s EV love fest.

    Musk works hard and isn’t playing by their rules. So the power structure vehemently dislikes Musk and use all their tricks to get us to dislike him, too.

    They talk out of both sides of their mouths, on one hand pretending to care about the planet when really their care begins only if we embrace what benefits them, not us.

  4. So happy to see this interview. I learned even more about the Roadster's rough beginnings and truly appreciate being an owner of groundbreaking innovation!

  5. Great interview Pete, Super DEEP background stuff. Candy for us Tesla buffs. Keep up the great work.

  6. This is a fantastic video. I am an engineer, and I always taught my engineers to completely respect the technicians that have way more experience building the products then they’ll ever have. The combination of great engineering talent and great technicians that are held an equal regard is what makes the industry thrive.

  7. What a cool inside look of the early history of Tesla. Thanks Jamison enjoyed your talk with Pete!

  8. I put in my 4 years at Tesla and joined Lucid to be this same guy.

    That brute force mentality he talks about is no joke, I wouldn’t recommend that place unless you’re broke and out of options lol

  9. “Whether it was painful or not, Elon brute forced the Model S into reality” says it all..

  10. A BMW tech would have seen many a problem that might arise on the early cars. He was probably more important than he thinks. Great talk

  11. After watching this I realize, what a miracle it is that Tesla grew into the company that it is today. Unbelievable. Never paid enough attention, when Elon said starting a car company is crazy difficult.