Elon Musk CLAIMS Having The FASTEST EV Car Despite New Rival!

Elon Musk CLAIMS Having The FASTEST EV Car Despite New Rival!

What happens when you put a guy who can build electric cars in the same room as a guy who can build rockets? What happens when both those guys are Elon Musk?

Humans used to dream about flying cars and this dream is about to come true. Elon Musk’s Tesla is the leading company in the production of electric vehicles and they are developing their first flying car which is beyond anything ever seen. Elon Musk unveiled Tesla’s roadster back in 2017 and the production is expected to start a little later in 2023 following the cyber truck at Giga Texas.

Stay till the end to know about the rival to Tesla’s roadster for the fastest electric vehicle that just rolled off the production line.

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Elon Musk told a YouTuber that he is more than serious about producing a flying car. An unknown user posted a video clip of the roadster on May 21, 2021, and said that he can’t believe that this car can fly a little bit. Musk responded to his tweet and said that “the roadster will be able to fly very briefly. I always laughed at flying cars and now making one fate irony, in his explanation of what is involved in creating the flying car”.

Tesla Roadster will be available with SpaceX thrusters that will help the roadster in the flight. The car will consist of 10 rocket thrusters arranged seamlessly around the car. The rocket thruster would be able to reach 0 to 100 miles per hour in about 1.1 seconds. It is quite clear that the thrusters will be the main reason for the car’s ability to fly along with its light body but would not be able to sustain. The short bursts of air at the back of the car won’t result in the roadster going aerial. The roadster would be able to do short jumps or fly jumps.

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla said that the roadster will go from zero to 60 miles per hour in around 1.9 seconds. It is said that the roadster’s top speed will be 250 miles per hour and will consist of a tri-motor setup. Out of these three electric motors, one will power the front wheels and the other two electric motors will power the rear wheels.

The company also stated that it will develop a torque of 10,000 Newton meters. It has not been specified but it is expected that the roadster will have around 800 to 1,000 horsepower. Musk warned that people with medical conditions might be vulnerable to this car as it will be an intense and bumpy ride. The roadster can be the greatest project for Tesla which is why the cost of this vehicle will be around $200,000 to $250,000.

Tesla brought its new roadster prototype to Los Angeles, Petersen automotive museum for the showcase during the pandemic to assist with the reopening process. The company was more focused on producing the model 3 and the Model Y of Tesla and the new roadster will be delayed till 2023.

Three vehicles that were competing to be the fastest vehicle finished ahead of the Tesla Roadster in speed estimates, according to a recent CAR Magazine report. McMurtry Spierling was considered to be the fastest to 60 mph. It was built in Britain and travels 0 to 60 mph in 1.5 seconds but the top speed of this vehicle is only 150 mph. The vehicle, however, is not for sale. On the second spot is the mighty Apark Owl which clicks from zero to 60 mph in 1.69 seconds and has a top speed of 240 mph. The McMurtry Spierling is priceless as it is not for sale but the Aspark Owl is quite expensive at $2.97 million.

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  1. ELON I made electric wheel in 1995 and was fast worked was used on bicycle ,Our Government called it a toy and put 12 MPH max limit on us I said its a tool to go FAST ? So government screwed US it when to CHINA they make billions of them .USA for ya NICE CAR