2011 Tesla Roadster full owner's review with tons of tips!

Today I’ll review the 2011 Tesla Roadster, explaining how everything works, my experiences with it, where to get parts, what should be upgraded and how best to do it.

Here is the complete list of parts and upgrades:
Tesla Roadster Parts and Upgrades:

Carbon parts:
Lotus Exige mirror plinth:
Need to cut off 1-2mm on the bottom and paint.
Complete carbon mirrors:
Visium Clear top:

12V Battery upgrade alternatives:
LED Licence plate: Osram 38MM
LED Parking and interior light: Osram W5W
Upgrade LED front lights
Upgrade LED rear lights:
(Gregs Raceparts could maybe build some)
Replacement LED side Repeaters:
Need to reuse the old wire since these have a shorter and swithed plug.

Carbon parts:
Sound proofing:
3M Felt tape between plastic interior pieces:
Sound proofing in doors and behind front wheel:
Pioneer 2din:
v3 computer:
Leather care

Brake pads:
EBC alternatives: make=TESLA&year=2011&model=Roadster&engineSelect=Electric&engine=Electric&bhp=
Rear brake caliper refurbish kits:
Just the seals:
Upgrade brakes:
Wheel Bearing:
Camber Shims:
Upgrade suspension:
Toe Link:
Toe Link Rod:
Toe Link Inner:
Ball Joint:
Drop Links:
Performance tires:Yokohama Advan Neova (AD07)
New! Yokohama Advan Neova (AD08R)
Eco Tires:Goodyear EfficientGrip Performance

PEM DIY clean:
PEM DIY upgrade:
3.0 Battery

The Can JR:
Home made adapter (Norwegian site):,18617.15.html