This is What Ford Did What Tesla Would NOT Do

Ford has unveiled a new vehicle that is revolutionizing the market. You may be asking why there is such a fuss right now.

Not only that, Ford has taken such judicious decisions for their own betterment, that big players in the EV industries like Tesla can never think of. Perhaps, this is where Ford beats Tesla .

Why is that? What exactly did Ford do that Tesla won’t?

So, join us today as we are going to discuss what Ford did that Tesla would never think of doing.

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Having said that, let’s dive right in.

The new Ford truck accomplishes a feat that Tesla would never attempt.
Tesla is without a doubt the leader in the EV market.

Every EV owner is aware of the benefits of driving an electric vehicle, which include instant acceleration, one-pedal operation, and the ease of charging at home without stopping at a gas station or seldom visiting a repair shop.

Driving a Tesla delivers all of the aforementioned benefits plus a plethora of other functions, some of which are significant technological advancements and others that are just recreational. Some of them are well known to the general public, while others aren’t frequently featured in the headlines.

A Tesla is a car with a single operating system that manages everything within, including the AC, GPS, batteries, and motors. Tesla used a Silicon Valley systems architectural strategy from the start, in contrast to other automakers that have become accustomed to obtaining computer systems from vendors throughout the globe.

Over-the-air upgrades are only one of the many significant features that Tesla’s unified operating system supports.

The Austin-based business, however, is in disbelief following Ford Motors’ most recent announcement, which would fundamentally alter the car industry.

It appears that the car industry’s old guard is suddenly catching up after falling behind with their electrified spending.

Although Ford’s introduction of a new vehicle and battery surprised Tesla. In the EV sector, Tesla has set the standard. People are raving about how Ford is redesigning its iconic F-100 pickup truck for the current era and how the new battery pack will completely change the business.

Elon Musk’s electric car firm has defied all expectations in less than 15 years to become the market leader in electric vehicles and enjoy prosperity and supremacy. Tesla started producing its sports automobile, the Roadster, in 2009.

After a few years, they presented us with the Model S sedan in 2012 and the Model X SUV in 2015.

Tesla came dangerously close to bankruptcy in 2017 while producing the Model Three vehicle. Elon Musk took a daring move to allow Tim Cook, the next Apple CEO, to acquire Tesla at its lowest point financially. Tim Cook allegedly declined to meet with the CEO of Tesla.

But Tesla managed to get its finances under control, and a few years later, in 2020, it began producing the Tesla Model Y. The crazy Tesla pickup truck known as the Cybertruck is presently being developed in the Texas-based Tesla plant. The Tesla semi-truck is also being worked on by Giga Nevada.

Unbeknownst to many, Tesla is more than simply a vehicle company. Tesla’s subsidiary solar city is also engaged in the production of solar panels. Tesla is making great strides toward completing the autopilot component that will allow for fully autonomous driving.

Apple is reportedly quietly working on a project with a comparable scope called Project Titan. Fully autonomous and electric vehicles will transform the EV market.

Just think about the future. Compared to her competitors, Tesla is significantly superior in terms of automobile manufacture. Tesla invented the Giga Press, a device that uses just two pieces of metal to form the car’s chassis, revolutionizing the industry.

Using die-casting, a car’s chassis is created as a single body rather than the prior process, which required a network of workers and robots to assemble 70 separate sections.

Since the introduction of the die-casting machine, Tesla vehicles are now more affordable. Similarly, Tesla may use the Giga Press machine to produce more vehicles than previously.

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