Tesla Takes on Demon and WINS!!

These Teslas pack a lot of sleeper power, but against a Demon!? That’s just crazy! Action captured at Street Car Takeover Atlanta.

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Canon G40 (newer model of my camera):
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Shure VP83 Microphone:

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  1. Wow that red Camano lost by 1 second wow that was really close that silver mustang was quick wow…to know you can buy an electric car from the dealer and do absolutely nothing with modification and beat it is impressive

  2. Where did that tesla win? At 1:12, clearly it could be seen, the demon completed 1/4 mile in 10.69 secs while the tesla did it in 10.94 secs.

  3. The thing I hate most about these dodges is I have to hear them. They are infringing on my freedom to peace and quiet. Government needs to sanction them for being too loud. I'm sick and tired of the "look at me" machines. No one gives a f about your gas guzzling 20th century technology POS.

  4. I always thought racing against these electric cars is hilarious. It's like a fat girl having big tits cause she's big lol.

  5. it amazes me that people think this is "so fast"…. that demon in the first clip ran a 10.6….. that's not even quick for a demon. 100k+ for a 10 second tesla? if you wanna argue speed then you can run 9's for 30k…

  6. Tesla's are getting beat because these guys are putting the right tires on their car and they know how to drive them

  7. Uhhh. My guy. The tesla lost. The demon ran a 10.6 the Tesla ran a 10.9. Also this is a no crate demon. So it’s not even in drag racing mode. Fuck off with your shit tesla