Finally! SpaceX's Starlink is about to Replace NASA's aging space telecoms constellation…

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Finally! SpaceX’s Starlink is about to Replace NASA’s aging space telecoms constellation…
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NASA’s Tracking and Data Relay Satellite (TDRS) constellation has served as the main link between the ISS and Earth, providing astronauts with a constant connection to ground control as well as the ability to engage with the public and stay in touch with their loved ones for years.
But now, it has become aging, and the US space agency decided to hand over all low Earth orbit services to commercial players.
But, who is worthy?
Well, none other than SpaceX!!!
SpaceX’s Starlink may replace NASA’s space telecoms network in the next decade!
How can this be?
And what makes Starlink the best candidate for NASA?
All this and more in today’s episode of Great SpaceX!
Finally! SpaceX’s Starlink is about to Replace NASA’s aging space telecoms constellation…
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  1. I Seriously Detest Viasat. THE Worst provider I've ever paid for. Totally unresponsive service department. I can't say enough BAD about them.


  3. NOW, on to destroying the rest of nasa, and might as well take the faa with you!

  4. Tired of politicians playing Santa Clause with money we don't have!! We're not just $30T in debt, we're running $100-billion+ deficits each year.

  5. Starting around @5:26 the speeds we're mentioned. Both "150 MEGA BYTES PER SECOND" and "500 MEGA BYTES PER SECOND". Is that correct or is it mega bits?

  6. I'm quite concerned about the proliferation of satellite constellations in LEO. Remember, you have to fly through all that just to leave the planet. How many constellations do we really need? Seems to me that one good system is enough and if you can do all that well I don't care about monopolies. SpaceX and Starlink got the drop on the competition and the other guys will pay the price for their lack of vision.

  7. Great video. you've remind me of what someone once said❤️ "The mind is the man, the poor is in it and the rich is it too". This sentence is the secret of most successful investors. I once attended similar and ever since then i been waxing strong financially, and i most tell you the truth..

  8. Dear Elon Musk
    Looks like NASA wants to send a little spacecraft to an all metal asteroid out there between Mars and Jupiter, can you put their little spacecraft into a Starship and send it out to get the job done quicker as they will take until 2026 to reach it, nice jobs for future space miners for metal.

  9. Actually, the ISS orbital speed may not be a big issue, you'll have a number of the Starlink Sats traveling in a similar orbital path, and at similar speeds. So instead of hoping extremely frequently, it would be hoping much less frequently if utilizing the Sats that are in the similar orbital path.

  10. still waiting for hardware after nearly a year and a half. and I'm in NE Texas just 60 miles east of Dallas.

    since the wait, I've seen the price of hardware not received get jacked up an extra $50 and the monthly service increased by $10 to $110/mon.

    I distinctly remember that as service rolled out and more sats deployed that the price of hardware and service would come down significantly. seems like BS to me..

    Starlink customer support is nearly nonexistant. And what the hell happened to First Come First Served when ordering the service?!?

    ugh.. It's not 500 Mega Bytes… It's Mega Bits.. if Starlink service actually did 500MB/sec, it would be around 4 Giga Bits per second..

  11. I used to work in NASA in the TDRSS project. They are still using hardware that is antiquated compared to modern computers. I expect more capability and compactness with current technology.

  12. Space…the final commodity…these are the exploitations of the kleptocrat ship Executive Prize, its continuing mission, to monetize new worlds, to seek out massive profits and proprietary installations, to soullessly go..where no corporations have gone before!"

    Yah, doesn't have the same ring to it as the original, does it?

  13. How's something "nipping heels" when it doesn't exist….?
    Bezos's paper plane idea's with real world applications, like his idea upon crying about the moon contract and yet, he's never made orbit, yet flew any substantial flight other than a 737…

  14. aka: Waste as much money as possible and maybe it will get done. If that doesn't work, JUST BLOW EVEN MORE MONEY AND NASA IS SURE THAT WILL WORK.
    10 years and $30 billion more, SpaceX will still be the only functioning system with 3 others try to launch. Insane!!!

  15. question, how did elon moving the starlink to Ukraine cost 3 mill to the USA tax payers?

  16. 500 Mbps speeds and unlimited use..( anywhere in the world when sats all up there ) and they plan to put some in orbit around the moon and mars… game over..

  17. Please see OSELA (Outer Space Lift Of America).

    OSELA, equibalancing principles. Brings very huge space ship to the space and either by hydraulic lift. balances (The Weight are zero) by space load of ocean water. Is calculated by Maha-Computer. Collapse twice which are calculated. As big as half city. Trillions units of ships are produced.