SpaceX Crew-3 Update + Starliner Moved, Lifted, and Stacked | SpaceX Pink

SpaceX’s Dragon Endurance is scheduled to undock from the international space station tomorrow May 5, at 1:05 am ET.

Thumbnail Pic: Tory Bruno.

Credit: SpaceX, NASA, Boeing Space, ULA, Tory Bruno, Starship Gazer.

0:00​​ – Intro
0:08 – Starlink Next Mission
0:21 – SpaceX Crew-3 Update
0:32 – Starliner Moved, Lifted, and Stacked
1:04 – NASA’s Gateway
1:10 – Vulcan Centaur Booster
1:20 – Starbase Helium Offloading
1:28 – What Happened on this Day in Space History?
1:44 – Outro


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  1. Hope that the Boeing capsule is not too fragile. In comparison a SpaceX dragon – just put on a normal truck

  2. 30 seconds in, she did a real "Supergirl"
    Really flying! I liked that! No fantasy there!

  3. I remind everyone that after the Apollo One fire it took two years to get the Apollo program running again. Fingers crossed for Starliner and Orion. Glad to see the Gateway modules coming along…another step with permanent crews in lunar orbit. As always Pink does a great, clean job! Thanks Pink.

  4. Love these updates. Cool to see the crazy SpaceX launch cadence continue, also to see progress on new launchers. Vulcan and Starliner!

  5. I think it is really cool having two crew dragons docked at the ISS at the same time, especially considering that SpaceX has been flying crew dragon less than five years. Great video.

  6. I hope Starliner OFT-2 be a great success. It will help a lot to the US Space Program to have both Crew Dragon and Starliner for carrying astronauts to the ISS or whatever other needs.

  7. And, the Bezos rockets are still nowhere in site. This company is nothing more than a sh*t show when it comes to mission-critical timelines. LDS at it's finest.

  8. And once again a good exciting day in space development thank you SpaceX pink for providing it I hope nothing but the best for Tony and his team finally some news on the lunar Gateway project go Gateway Starliner looking great go Starliner it will succeed in its role and Advance America roll in space all go SpaceX pink all go us

  9. So many folks throwing things into space.. it won't be long until we make the big throw to mars.. I will probably never live to see it.. But I sure would love to see a base on the moon if they could make it soon.. Friday is my 71st birthday.. Time is running out.. Carry on my friend.. and thanks again for all of your hard work..

  10. So ULA's custom handling vehicle built to roll Starliner around is what delayed things today. Speaks volumes about the difference between the way Boeing/NASA/ULA do things and how SpaceX does the same thing for a fraction of the costs. Does Crew Dragon require a special vehicle like that?? I think not.