Breaking News! Russia's Best Rocket Engine Is Completely SMASHED by SpaceX

Breaking News! Russia’s Best Rocket engine is completely SMASHED by SpaceX

In a moment, you’ll have a jaw-dropping discovery about how SpaceX almost smashed and killed Russia’s best rocket engine.
Welcome to Tech SpaceX join us in our space journey to occupy mars 2022 with the great spacex raptors created by Elon Musk so we can some day watch mars red sky with the help of spacex polaris and the great service of starlink spacex pink could also be a good idea for our spacex fans.

Breaking News! Russia’s Best Rocket engine is completely SMASHED by SpaceX


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-SpaceX Starship StarFactory is Humongous!

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  1. You know very very little about Russia because you're getting all your information (it seems) from standard western commercial media who have exactly no incentive to tell a shred of truth about Russia.

  2. at 4:21 you showed a picture of a jet turbine when you're talking about rocket engines… do you even know the difference?

  3. What would US space program look like without the boost from Space X? I know their is some shade thrown at Space X, but I’m glad they’re a thing.

  4. I'm glad I found this channel! You cover a lot of stuff I am interested in. Liked and subscribed. You have good content, keep it up!!

  5. One day, my grandchildren will make fun of me for remembering that back in my day, Russia was scary.
    "Buuut Grandmaa! The Russians commited economical and geopolitical suicide!! That's so dumb!"
    (My family is very bright, so I fully expect to hear this line one day)

  6. With this whole Twitter situation and Democrats targeting Elon we just might end up seeing SpaceX telling the U.S. they are on there own.

  7. Woo woo, go Elon musk ‼️🌎🇺🇸🇺🇸 best of the best ‼️🤓😆🌎

  8. Russia we don’t need your engines any more. Put them where sun never shines.