Musk Revealed SpaceX's insane Starship Bigger & Better just SHOCKED The Entire Space Industry!

Musk Revealed SpaceX’s insane Starship Bigger & Better just SHOCKED The Entire Space Industry!#STARSHIPFANS

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There is no word “impossible” in Elon Musk’s vocabulary.
If you are going to tell him something that is not possible it had “better be limited by a law of physics or you are going to end up looking stupid.”
Indeed, when he started SpaceX, everyone said: “Oh, you are going to fail.”
But now, SpaceX is the best private rocket company in the world now.
Do not stop there, he is working tirelessly on his Starship rocket, a massive next-generation rocket that Elon Musk hopes will soon carry humans to the moon and eventually to Mars.
More incredible, he has recently even hinted at its jaw-dropping successor, a much bigger and better rocket called Starship 2.0.
Let’s find out in today’s episode of SpaceX Fans:

The world has never seen a vehicle like a Starship before. If successful, the massive spacecraft would open up new possibilities for humans not before available. This is because Starship could realize the long-desired goal of rapid, low-cost reuse of a launch system.

Consider the status quo. The large Space Launch System rocket under development by NASA will be able to launch 95 metric tons into low Earth orbit. NASA and its contractors, led by Boeing, will be able to build one a year.

In terms of lift capacity, the vehicles are similar. Starship and Super Heavy should be able to put about 100 tons into low Earth orbit. However, SpaceX is already capable of building one Starship a month, and the plan is to reuse each booster and spacecraft dozens of times. Imagine the kind of space program NASA could have with the capacity to launch 100 tons into orbit every two weeks—instead of a single annual mission—for $2 billion a year.
Seriously, pause a moment and really think about that.

Unfortunately, there is still some serious problem with the current Starship.
Yeah, Elon Musk’s biggest rival, Jeff Bezos wasn’t wrong in talking about Musk must take 8 Launches to refuel Starship at the Artemis contract. Else, there won’t be enough fuel to get there!
Let’s imagine, a crew flight to Mars would become a hundred times more complicated.
In addition, Starship itself must also become a fortress to live in for a long time before we complete all the facilities to serve the lives of a hundred volunteers on Mars first.
To build a self-sustaining colony on Mars, we cannot do manual labor like the ancient Egyptians built the pyramids, we will destroy ourselves in the harsh weather of Mars.
For example, Mars requires 600-tonne payloads that are difficult to separate into 150-tonne chunks.
Iron ore excavators and steel mills with large cauldrons and rolling mills will be required if the colony is to become self-sufficient in the long run. These are the things that are difficult to divide into smaller loads.
This also requires Starship could launch factories and advanced production systems anywhere.
The 9-meter payload bay diameter begins to pose a challenge for some of the items that the Mars colony may require in the future.
Musk Revealed SpaceX’s insane Starship Bigger & Better just SHOCKED The Entire Space Industry!
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  1. Once Mars is self sufficient I predict its first order of business will be demanding independence from Earth.

  2. I have heard Musk talk about this 18 meter diameter starship/booster. It has been calculated it would need around 120 raptors to get it off the ground. Even by Musk's standards that seems unlikely. Much larger raptors will have to be developed so there is not so many firing up at the same time.

  3. Is it possible to adapt the International Space Station to take a few Starships as fuel supply vessels so that the Mars mission Starships can refuel before setting off to the red planet.

  4. 8 launches at $8.4M equated to $67.2M last time I did basic math, not $16m. Still, this far outdoes a SLS launch @ $4.1B.

  5. I have to wonder about the possibility of in orbit assembly. 1 problem that comes to mind, the orbital facility will have a higher orbit or a faster orbit. While LEO is micro gravity, gravity is still present and must be accounted for. 2 this will require more fuel to get a payload to the facility. 3 the inherent dangers of working in space. 4 the health issues that result in prolonged periods in micro gravity.
    I'm not trying to be a nay sayer or troll, just want to point out to folks that there are still a lot of hurdles that must be defeated.

  6. Why call it "insane"??? Why insult people like that? Why all the stupid hype and superlatives??? Call down, give us facts, rockets that are "insane" do not work, come on…science works, technology works, if used logically..

  7. Larger rocket means also huge pressure inside, with all forces, is there max size? The Infrastructure to support a larger rocket also need to increased. Caring more fuel means more weight, the end result is that you use more fuel, the end result SpaceX need to refuel a larger rocket in orbit, instead of smaller rocket in orbit. It does not seem to me it solves anything.

  8. Your argument of having to build it on earth and send it to mars, I think is false, I’m pretty suer can build what they need on mars.

  9. When Star Trek came to a New Planet … it Remained in Orbit … The Whole ship didn't land on the Surface … It sent down Shuttles … Musk's BF Starship is also too Heavy and poorly Balanced to land on an unknown uneven Surface … Where one mistake results in total catastrophe ! … They will need resilient multiple use Landers ….. That's if Musk's complicated BF Rocket , with its 42 Rupture engines can get Off the Ground ?? … The only achievements Musk has right now , is in glorious CGI Cartoon make believe !

  10. Six Months in Space … and you are so Crippled by Earth's Gravity after landing … The helpers have to put a Slide into the Capsule … to drag you out on your butt … and put you on a Hospital Gurney … For 6 months of agonizing Recuperation in a hospital …. LOL ! … Ya , Man will be living in Space and on Mars … No Problem … :-[