B7 Fixed, Moved, Lifted, and Mounted + SLS helium check valve Update | SpaceX Pink

Big FAA Update today, the Section 106 Review is now complete, for the SpaceX Starship/Super Heavy Launch Vehicle Program, at the SpaceX Boca Chica Launch Site in Cameron County, Texas, AKA Starbase.
The next step is completing the Environmental Assessment by the end of the month.

Thumbnail Pic: SpaceX.

Credit: SpaceX,, FAA, LabPadre (@LabPadre ), NASA.

0:00​​ – Intro
0:08 – Dragon Endurance Splashdown
0:24 – Ninja Team Catching Dragon + The Famous Jump
0:34 – Crew-3 Astronauts Exiting Dragon
0:52 – Starlink Group 4-17 Mission Liftoff + Landing
1:25 – Big FAA Update Today
1:50 – B7 Fixed, Moved, Lifted, and Mounted
2:27 – SLS helium check valve Update
2:42 – Outro


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  1. I can't imagine riding that 400ft manlift and then doing work out of it. Ballsy.

  2. While I still view SLS as a waste I'm still glad the engineers responsible were able to fix the issues I do still hope SLS is at least able to launch once but after that I don't really care too much. Too much time and money wasted on it

  3. U do tend to have overlapping material some times – still keep up the great work

  4. Please Elon Musk take control of the FAA asap, I cannot believe how incompetent they are, Florida has been launching rockets for years and it has done no damage to the environment or wildlife, infact the wildlife has become quite use to the humans activity there, yet the Boca Chica Texas Starship launches are denied by the FAA, time to sort out the beurocrats within the agency and clean out the swamp of corruption in the Biden administration too, the wildlife at Starbase is quite happy otherwise you would see, no birds, or any other creatures ever.

  5. Your videos are always appreciated and contain great information. @/safemoon

  6. Wow! I'm beside myself with shock. Booster 7 fixed? How did they do that? The downcomer is right in the centre of the rocket – the only way to replace it would be to cut the whole thing apart first. That's obviously what they must have done but its a total surprise.
    Makes complete sense though because the ability to repair these machines is a goal that leads towards better reliability and reusability.. Another part of a complete sequence.

  7. Six Months in Space … and you are so Crippled by Earth's Gravity after landing … The helpers have to put a Slide into the Capsule … to drag you out on your butt … and put you on a Hospital Gurney … For 6 months of agonizing Recuperation in a hospital …. LOL ! … Ya , Man will be living in Space and on Mars … No Problem … :-[

  8. Still loading with the crane, approval or no approval they obviously still aren't ready to launch.