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Elon Musk’s SpaceX company just destroyed one of Russia’s newest
spy satellites, with the permission of the United States government.
This move has huge implications for the future of the US/Russian
relations, and could also have massive implications on the future of
space exploration, so you need to know about it. Here’s everything you need to know about Elon Musk’s recent act of space warfare and what it means for both America and Russia going forward…

Elon Musk just launched the world’s most powerful rocket and destroyed
a Russian spy satellite while it was still in orbit. But what’s the reason?
Is anybody else thinking it’s a good idea to stay away from Russia right
now? I don’t think we could handle another SUSPECTED murder, or
even more rumored meddling in our politics. It feels like they are constantly trying to one-up us, and we have to come out on top. If Americans and Russians are at odds, who wins? The Chinese of course!
And if you thought North Korea was bad, wait until China starts flexing its
muscles. We need to take care of business before things get worse than
they already are… but I guess that’s why Elon Musk is doing what he is
doing. He just destroyed a Russian spy satellite with his own rocket, and that can only mean one thing: war is coming! But not really. Actually, it means something totally different.

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  1. I am sorry but not only does the content of this video sound far fetched (sources?), but the last thing that Elon would want to do, is to explode things in orbit. Kessler Syndrome would really put a hold on Elon's space exploration plans and would throw back humanity and world economy for decades.

  2. Source: "Trust me bro, we are right about JFK jr faking his own death so he can come back and save America by becoming Trumps VP. It just hassent happened yet.🙄" (for the ones who don't know. The jfk jr thing is a real qanon consperacy they still believe to this day)

  3. The amount of SPIN you placed in the word "destroyed" should give you the confidence to wright the best selling fiction of all time… or a well placed position into MAINSTREAM media. Sucked me right in…. congrats.

  4. "It's just as I've thought" that disclosure is a thing of the right. As the left fears any judgment! And it may not be the judgment that religion has prepared people for? But God' is a thing of belief, that is enevably lost to the physics of space and time. And the need to survive the evil' of those that have lost the path of freewill, "and became the devil." Instead of the God we were put here to find.

  5. I don’t believe this is true at all. America can do this type of work without SpaceX. Where’s the source of this story??

  6. Is EM action represent and with permission from America government. If not, then the legal and military implication is grave.

  7. its here but not any were else, i think it shud be big news. but no 1 else know aout it?

  8. yeah chaina has over 20missel anti setelite and russia has mybe more…i hate to say this but all the setlite will be blown

  9. if russia shot 3 setelite ..not only 3 setelite will blow off..but all the settelite that in atitude will be hit by tiny pice of the broken setelete that move way to fast cause of the blast

  10. I think this is very good, sends a clear message to China to think twice about invading Taiwan. There is hope for the free world yet.

  11. That class as act of war idoit you have no right all conutry have soy in space shoot one down should shoot all them down

  12. Superb. The only man on earth who has the wit to believe in himself and take on Russia and Putin a deranged megalomaniac who has already surpassed Hitler Lenin , Stalin, Idi Amin in the atrocities committed on their Neighbours.