How Rocket Lab Is Doing What SpaceX Couldn’t!

Why Rocket Lab Is The Next SpaceX! Rocket Lab is doing some very innovative space design, so today we’re covering the company and CEO Peter Beck, and what they’re doing that has us very interested in their future!

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0:00 Introduction
1:23 There and back again
7:10 Why electron is so special


  1. Landing is harder than cathing and landing is better for rocket like starship.

  2. Yep, more Rocket Lab content would be great.
    Great that you didn't just compare the two!

  3. Like the nuke, I think this problem technically can be solved in numerous ways.

  4. My first reaction was actually that most certainly the right decision on the pilot. No need for any unsafe risks in such situation. But after thinking about it, he just cut the rope for no reason other than the numbers weren't what he was expecting, lol.

  5. Thanks for the great vid. I would love to see more Rocketlab content.
    I am not a fan of the misleading title and especially the thumbnail that showed a completely fake image of an electron next to a starship with the electron looking bigger!!!! That is just unnecessary, people love your content and will watch anyway without you doing this. Also I agree with you that comparing RL to SpaceX is a ridiculous oversimplification and should be avoided

  6. This video make no sense. You cannot compare rocket lab with space x. Space x technology is aim to take humans to space, not just tiny satellites. The size of a human, or tourism rocket is the size starship is, very heavy and complicated engineering. No helicopter will be able to catch any rocket that is use to transport humans to the moon or beyond. Rocket lab is just a start. Good job, but can't compare to ellon musk vision. Musk is trying to make Hollywood space movies become a realty. Very exciting. Who wouldn't want to see a rocket go up and return without parachutes? Real star trek view or star wars. Smh. Prolly rocket lab can invest in taking fuel up to fuel starship

  7. Why aren't we using the mighty F-1? EVERY good 1950s, 1960s rocket we developed, we STILL use! And the F-1 was the BEST, human beings have EVER developed!!! AND STILL IS RATED STRONGEST!!! Best, strongest, most reliable! Musk, Bezos and ULA coming rockets are only back to same strength as the Saturn 5's F-1. Why aren't we using the mighty F-1? Atlas and Titan are old and reliable, though from the '60s. 1970's Shuttle engines are on the SLS. We beg Russia to use their 1960s developed better rocket than we have. But the stronger F-1 had 100% perfect record with 65 engines and 13 flights. No other rocket ever so perfect. No other rocket stronger, even today. But we never hear about our best, strongest rocket motor anymore. We've begged the Russians for their weaker rocket for 40 years. Why? It's a scandal after all that was spent on developing it. Why pay Billionaires for what we already paid for??? That's Corruption!! F-1, ONLY rocket not still used! Then 15 years waiting for Shuttle engine to replace it, but weaker. The F-1 only needed 7 years to fully develop. We could reverse engineer (and update!) the ones in the museums. Why 60 years wait with weaker rockets? The F-1 took us to the moon, yes! And 60 years waiting for the Musk and Bezos' with their almost-as-good copy of the F-1 we ALREADY have! Why the long wait for the same thing we had in the 1960s? The F-1 was plagued with problems early on, then became 100% reliable, 65 engines, 13 flights. I wish we had that for the last 60 years. And even today. While we wait for Musk, Bezos and ULA with their less good rockets than 60 years ago! It's a scandal! We paid for that rocket. Maybe that's what Neal Armstrong meant in his 50 year anniversary speech: "Things left undone," "protected by truth's protective layers." Maybe the F-1 that powered the moon flights has some hidden scandal. What else could be left undone, protected by truth's protective layers?

  8. If I were Mr Elons. RL would be my next target after twitter. Beck would be a great VP to Shotwell. When Elon and Shotwell too old to lead SpaceX, Beck would be a great Next in command.

  9. What? Fail at retrieving their rocket? Not able to land or catch their rocket?

  10. Excellent coverage. Rocket Lab is in the lead in every category for pragmatic access to space. You're far too nice & noble not to mention that Musk is a nightmare upon the human race.

  11. Just use parachutes, cmon guys. I get u wanna look cool landing space shuttles on the ground but that will waste fuel, do that on the moon, or mars.

  12. Good try. But its nothing new. I believe they used to do that back during the cold war? Spys would release a ballon with some top secret info and an airplane would snatch it in the air. The only difference was that it was done during the night!!! Plus, seen that in a James Bond movie and also in Batman 2 Dark Knight.

  13. I like this particular report on rocket lab. But I would suggest you not doing report on Chinese space industry unless you could have soild information on hand which able to withstand scrutinize (all the facts & data) if NOT is just another propaganda in play for the PRC space industiral, would you agreed?