SpaceX Starship Booster 7 Back, FAA Updates the Timetable, Rocket Lab Recovery, Crew 3 Return & more

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It has been yet another interesting week at SpaceX’s Starbase. SpaceX Starship Booster 7 Repaired Not only have we seen the first water deluge system test which was quite a nice milestone, the FAA Updates the Timetable, and some changes to ship stacking as Ship 24 closes in on completion. Rocket Lab of course had its incredible Electron recovery test mission. Amazing scenes there. Crew-3 returns to Earth after an incredible mission. Some great new updates for Sierra Space on one of my favorite upcoming vehicles the Dream Chaser. Boeing’s Starliner heads off for Orbital Flight Test 2, and yes, other fun stuff as well.

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service documents obtained by CNBC via FOIA request.

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  1. Correction: I was not calculating TWR on SLS Block 1 correctly it seems. That is up a little over 1.5, so very very similar to the full Starship 33 engine thrust (however nowhere near as massive).

  2. what a bunch of excrement. saving worms and lizards. . this is a pay off . smells

  3. "I've got high hopes that monthly pushbacks are over…"
    Until Boeing and their buddies can figure out how to get the SLS into space, don't expect the FAA to allow Texas to launch.
    Too many political establishment types are being embarrassed by SpaceX success and rapid progress.
    If they cut the Starships loose to fly now, Musk and pals will most likely be conducting lunar landings while SLS is still in the failure to fly mode.

  4. What the he'll are the state so called environmental issues on about really!!! We got a flipen war going in people are dying dogs are being blown apart kids are being blown up and the environment is being destroyed. We need to get this space program going stop delaying Space X !!!! Jeez really grow up

  5. POLITICS,!!! TPTB in what could laughably be called the "administration" hate Musk because he is moving on so many fronts. Many of which literally make our "Sock Puppet" look even dumber than he can do by himself. EVIDENCED by their not including Musk in the [Laughable] Presidential meeting on electric vehicle producers in the US! I hope they delay until the next elections !!!

  6. I still feel that the Boca launch pad is not capable of launching a full Starship without a lot of damage below, given the size of the exhaust redirection needed for the shuttle, the Starship mount with little room below could easily destroy a few surrounding structures, only going on the result of the actual flip flop tests effect on the concrete beneath, so what will 33 more powerful engines do to the ground, I doubt the water suppression will stop all that, given there's no exhaust redirection away from the structures.

  7. Worrying about 900 acres of bird habitat while there is a frikin' island of plastic bottles floating in the ocean. This is why we can't have nice things.

  8. This is SLS's last chance. After delaying Starship for a bunch of birds, frogs, fish, etc., etc. Their pampers must be constantly full thinking
    maybe we backed the wrong mammoth. Only time will tell and that's one thing you silly old farts don't have.

  9. WELL DONE Marcus. From the very beginning you have had the best comprehensive update of them all young man. Huge props for it has only gotten better

  10. I work in Section 106. The industry has gone off the rails the last few years. Just about every project gets delayed due to multiple micro-reviews by agency bureaucrats. I tell people rockets are easy, Section 106 is hard. (BTW, in the industry it is pronounced "Section one-oh-six").

  11. White progressive tree huggers in the US are trying to kill Space X.

  12. Brilliant as always Marcus, thank you for splendid work!
    I got to say, Dream Chaser's Tenacity looks very similar to John Crichton's NASA ship from the 1999 series "Farscape"!

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    1. Born-Again Rapture
    2. Magog EMPs US
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  14. The FAA needs to hurry up and reject that nonsensical application for Boca Chica, so that SpaceX can focus on moving to the Kennedy Space station. Either that, or the Mexicans should intervene, I mean its only 4-km from the border ffs. Suggest anyone who disagrees move to Boca Chica Village and see how they like it. The initial approval never envisaged a starship launchpad, but they went ahead and built it anyway.

  15. Why didn't you mention Angry Astronauts interview with Sierra space. Disappointing.

  16. What a huge week in space… on earth 🌎 thanks mate, appreciate your hard work