License Granted ( FCC ) For the First Starship Orbital Test Flight | SpaceX Pink

License granted by the Federal Communications Commission, for the first starship orbital test flight from starbase.

FCC = Federal Communications Commission.

Thumbnail Pic: Starship Gazer ( @StarshipGazer ).

Credit: SpaceX, Kate tice, LabPadre, Starship Gazer,,, Deep Blue Aerospace, CMS.

0:00​​ – Intro
0:08 – Something is Moving! What’s This?
0:48 – Ship 24 is Now Fully Stacked
1:05 – Possible Closure For Tomorrow
1:11 – License Granted ( FCC ) For the First Starship Orbital Test Flight
1:24 – Nebula-M1 – 1 km Test Flight
1:45 – Tianzhou-4 Launch Preparations
2:00 – Outro


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  1. Jeff Bezos Has Paid Very Very Very Dearly To MAKE SURE! Elon will NEVER fly from Boca Chica again! BEST BELIEVE THERE ARE SOME VERY VERY V E R Y ! F A T ! F A T
    A N D
    HAPPY FAA OFFICIALS running about Boca Chica Texas right now !

  2. Sad that of all the rocket lauch providers out there, its the CCP who chose to imitate SpaceX. What would it take to wake up the other lauch providers?

  3. Excellent report. Another horrible day in the news and this helped. Thanks. 23.8 K

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  5. HI Pink 🖖
    The shark ate Rogozin .., and then spat it out .., there is a lot of shit in him🙃😜
    P. S.
    YouTube agrees with the shark)))

  6. All these corrupted FAA, FCC, etc. people need to be fired. Replaced with uncorrupted people. They set SpaceX back a couple months. A time that will never be gotten back. This is One of the most important events taking place in the history of mankind and you've got a couple of people lining their pockets with money to delay this project as much as they can. Making up some of the biggest BS excuses ever heard. If I was Elon, I would set up a nice big fat reward to have a very thorough and complete investigation done on these corrupted government employees that keep setting him back. The reward will be based on the corrupted people getting caught and charged with a crime. I'm pretty sure you'll find some nice, and some hidden, bank accounts fatten up beyond what their normal salary pays is.

  7. No “this day in space history” today. Big Sadge. Great work as always. Keep it up. Always look forward to the daily news round ups from you.

  8. Seeing as how so many people are getting it wrong, the video should have explained that the big hang-up is the FAA license, not the FCC, so Starship is still not approved to fly.

  9. since the FAA and anti-SpaceX pro-Bezos want the clusterF SLS to launch first to justify the billions spent I don't see the FAA giving approval anytime soon

  10. That water shoot in the air seem to big for Dolphin, I'd say it kind of small Whale.

  11. Yeeessssss!!!! License Granted!!!!!!! So excited for the 1st Orbital Launch!!!!!

  12. Best news I've heard all year go Starship time to get serious right it sure appears spacex's in full stride now come-on come on it'll be so great to hear those words all go for Trans Mars injection but until then all go SpaceX pink all go us

  13. so exciting to see China copying the reusable rocket technology! I love seeing it become commonplace.

  14. Was that landing slowed down? Watch the flags! Harder landing than it seems 😮

  15. Ah, so still plenty of time for the FA to continue its delays. (to let other political squeeze-payers 'catch up')

  16. LOL that was so low-key, just casually slipping in the news about the FCC permit in the middle of the piece. Did you think we wouldn't notice, Pink? 😀

    so this ccp chinese reusable (scaled) booster test looked just some earlier thunderbird rocketship footage. in fact, the chinese might have stolen some video here….!!

    everyone is desperate to copy elon musk, but he's 20 years ahead in some primary space technologies to go to LEO, but never mind, it will still take 20 years to figure it out (but chinese skip patent authority,,,,)

  18. I saw FCC but my brain interpreted it as FAA. I did a double-take and then realized my mistake.

  19. FINALLLYYYY!!!!! 🔥 This is big news. If spacex speeds things up we might see something in the summer

  20. hmmm…. This is the first I've heard of "a private Chinese launch Enterprise", (Deep Blue Aerospace). Perhaps founded by Chinese entrepreneur "Wee Lon Muskuson"….. (now that's funny, I don't care where you come from!)