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Ever since Elon Musk bought Twitter for $44 billion, employees have been constantly worried about losing their jobs. Parag Agrawal, CEO of Twitter, has been bombarded with a variety of questions during the last few weeks, including ones related to layoffs, Twitter’s future, and more.In fact, there have been rumors that Musk will fire every board member of Twitter and replace them with new ones.

So, I think we can all agree that it has been a wild month for the social network that we collectively love to hate. Elon Musk took a bite out of Twitter early in April, coming away with 9.2% of the company, and is planning on exercising his influence over Twitter through its board of directors.

When Musk backed out of his planned board seat, he began to talk about an even more outrageous plan that he would buy the company outright and take it private. And almost everyone freaked out about this news and had an opinion about it, and some of those opinions cast doubt on the seriousness of the plans of the infamously unserious tech tycoon’s grand plans. Musk’s $43 billion offer valued Twitter for less than it was trading for a year ago, which begs the question: Is this guy for real?

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  1. No doubt most if not all the employees who were hired to work for Twitter had to comply with certain liberal requirements. Clean house!

  2. Why do you say Musk's unnecessary take over of Twitter? I was thinking of subscribing now I'm not sure 🤔

  3. Get rid of all board members. Next slash the mid-level exec's draining the profits. Buy out stock holders.

  4. I’m sure that this has been asked, but can Elon be taxed on any of this transaction.

  5. If anything, Musk will fire the board members and take the company private. He hates having to answer to a board.

  6. Why why why do you have to waste our time telling us everything we already know before you tell us anything new? I click the X long before your bore me to death by telling me what I already know…. Get a clue!

  7. 9.2% STEAK? . How about 9.2% STAKE? Geez. Who put this together? Elon wasn't out to dinner having steak, you know? Elon SHOULD replace ALL employees because you cannot take a risk with previous corruption that has run deep into Twitter. You would be best to start completely clean. Maybe, those OLD employees can take in some of the illegals. They can work and help support the employees of Twitter with their new life. You know, enjoy the fruits of their laborers.

  8. Some board members didn't own a single share of stock. That shows zero interest in the business, only interest in political manipulation. Fire them all! Go Elon!

  9. Elon took a steak in the company?

    Dang, twitter employees ate well that day. Or did you mean a stake? 🤣🤣

  10. Why are Twitter employees worrying about whether their job is safe instead of thinking, "this is my opportunity to move up because I have ideas to improve this service?"

  11. what happens if Elon has a nervous break down? It looks to me like he must have too much on his plate by this point

  12. Good! fire all the big player behind the scenes they are corrupt and full of censoring, i trust mush 1000 time more, people need open conversations not say as we say or get band from Twitter, fight them mush more power to you 👍💪👌

  13. It's spelled STAKE NOT Steak……. So stupid. Hey everyone, take this channels advice… They cannot even spell………

  14. You call dumb stunts? Aaah I'll take any "dumb stunts" any time any day. Obviously you're a libtard cuz you're talking out your @$$. With love from Brooklyn New York

  15. The SEC tried to censor Elons free speech. The SEC is as corrupt as the FBI, DOJ, and this administration.
    Elon is playing chess, they're playing checkers.

  16. Those demonic perverted power hungry power abusers need to become permanently unemployed

  17. The Best Improvement Elon can make is publicly expose anyone who is trying to mussel free speech. I'm sure the Council on Foreign Relations would be at the Top of the List and Yes, Take out the Trash Elon. of course thats first order of Bussiness

  18. Dear Twitter Employees, Learn to Grow Food…since its mostly your fault that we will be having Global Food Shortages. This is due to your censorship and profuse LIES of the last 6 + years. You insured Drooling Biden became POTUS with your LIES. Now, You will be receiving your consequences from the universe. Karma is a bitch bunch you bunch of brainwashed delusional criminal cunts.

  19. Good. Jack off Dorsey did what he wanted and liberals were okay with him not being truthful to congress. What comes around ….goes around.

  20. Dumb Stunts?? Do we see a negative attitude from space ex live. I find this video to be negatively biased.