Putin Just Revealed CRAZIEST Plan To Land On Moon To Defeat SpaceX & NASA..

Love him or hate him, Vladimir Putin is an overly-ambitious man. Putin has recently issued a powerful statement that Russia will restart its moon exploration program so let’s find out what Elon Musk had to say about it and upcoming lunar projects at Nasa and SpaceX. Subscribe to Futurity for more space exploration videos.

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  1. I'm sure that the Russians will one day reach the Moon, i'm just not sure in which century ….

  2. My guess is that Russia will leave the ISS this year. It will be interesting to see what they do with their hardware.

  3. Go mother Russia! Go Japan. Go space x. When you can't work together at least keep the common goal of exploration for the advancement of man kind moving forward for all of us!

  4. proof russia know he will lose, he has show world his plan b project…………..

  5. This plan will bankrupt Russia due to current sanctions and split the Russian federation into smaller nation states.

  6. Putin can't even win a war against Ukrainian farmers. Putin is a joke and is a weak man. The World Laughs at Putin and Russia!

  7. With what money? Heard they're running out of missiles and this war is now costing them a fortune.

  8. Omicron have been teleported to the moon… lol… Which country will bring back the new Trillions $$$ Variant.. loll

  9. Putin is losing his mind. Going full crazy dictator. It’s disgusting that Boeing and Lockheed used Russian rocket engines. Russia is dying. Men do not average 60 years of life. Low birth rates. Many young people moving west…..

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  11. Musk would be a American trader if he ever teamed up with the Russians after the mass murder in Ukraine.