China Is About To Take Over Space! ISS may be crushed, SpaceX alarms this problem…

China Is About To Take Over Space! ISS may be crushed, SpaceX alarms this problem…

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It’s 2050. The Moon has been colonized by China, with its Lunar Palace base growing potatoes, wheat, and carrots. Everything is grown and recycled in the robot-built base’s white, tubular buildings.
Importantly, think the first words spoken by a human on the surface of Mars will be in English? Think again.
Such is China’s space ambitions in the future.
However, these are not just fantasies. At this point, China’s space is rising strongly, especially with its space station.
This is a serious threat to other nations even U.S.
But, how exactly China is on the verge of taking over space?
Everything will be exposed in today’s episode.
Ok! Let’s start with a brief history of the Chinese space station program:

This program actually began in the late 1960s, with Chairman Mao’s selection of the first group of Chinese National Astronauts. Economic and technological realities prevented China from achieving human spaceflight at the time, but the idea was born.
Fast-forward 25 years, to the beginning of Project 920. This program sought initially to place China’s first astronaut into orbit in 1999, to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the founding of The People’s Republic of China. Project 920 did achieve the dream, albeit four years later. In October 2003 Yang Liwei became the first Chinese national astronaut, and China became only the third nation to launch its own astronauts into space.
This made them only the third country to have achieved independent human space flight. Think about that one for a second while every other nation was just hitching rides on Nasa’s Space Shuttle, China decided to do it on their own using the Long March 2 rocket and their Shangzu 5 spacecraft.
China expressed interest in joining the International Space Station partners, but the possibility was ended by a 2011 decree passed by U.S. lawmakers effectively banning NASA from coordinating directly with China or any Chinese-owned company. This means direct collaboration between NASA and Chinese space stations is strictly prohibited, making the prospect of sending U.S. astronauts to Tiangong or Chinese astronauts to the ISS impossible.
China Is About To Take Over Space! ISS may be crushed, SpaceX alarms this problem…
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  1. i think its fantastic that China has built their own space station. I mean, the other station has had its day. It's about time the west learned to respect China. They ARE the new global power. AND will own space IF the rest doesn't pull their heads out of their collective arses.

  2. Comparing old and new. Can't compare. NASA is looking ahead to the moon and Mars. LEO is so yesterday.

  3. Seeing as there's was just launched and still new and the ISS is at EOL and at best got about 10 years left at best with replacement plans already in the pipeline

  4. US: oh no the china is about to overtake in space race
    also FAA: lets give space X another dalay

  5. It always saddens me , that the possibility of cooperation between countries is never possible . Instead of all countries improving our citizens lives . We fight and bicker causing a loss of that life ,you would think space the best place to cooperate but no we squander our resources when we should be sharing but I’m just an ignorant kiwi fan

  6. Jah jah, look at the US relying on Russia, OMG what will we do? Thank NASA for that and boeing!! I would fire NASA! Good for the Chinese they desreve success, even if their government sucks, they're still human therefor we all benifit: Stop ur racism US and ur bipartisan beef!

  7. China is great, they can copy better than anyone. It is just original thinking that they appear to lack. Or motivation. Hard to innovate while under constant threat. The ISS was started over 23 years ago, and Apollo landed on the moon what 50 years ago. If China was that good they should have been there already. And if boeing and the other vacuum companies weren't busy hording and raping the funding the US and Canada would have been there like they were oh so long ago.


  9. SpaceX should send up some $20 noise cancelling headphones and crush them ISS decibels lol

  10. I'm beginning to wonder how many more pro-China SpaceX channels there are out there on YouTube. I thought I knew of one already. This sounds like a Chinese propaganda video, and I'm unsuscribing immediately.

  11. You're just creating fear and insecurity in USA 👎🏾. Grow up and be a real man.

  12. we need a new Space Station. NASA, China. India. EU/ESA + maybe a Pacific module? Space X cargo capability will outshine them all, so attract funding from all partners.

  13. Whoa rats nest? You're talking about the Russian section I hope. The rest is the result of decades of additions and mods so of course it's not pristine. But it's far bigger, more spacious, and technically far more complex.
    I gotta go elsewhere. Bye bye

  14. Maybe check on China….. The country is going back to a lockdown because of Covid. They arent taking over anything for a minute. To busy welding people's doors shut.

  15. Based on how everything in China falls apart, I would never trust anything Chinese made in space.

  16. China stole technology from the U.S. and Russia to "develop" their space program. That's also their Achilles Heel. Since they are incapable of independent critical design, their "advanced" station is still based on the latest lessons learned on the ISS and STOLEN from SpaceX. They have been unsuccessful in duplicating SpaceX engines and landing tech. The actions of the Biden administration to eliminate safeguards in place by the Trump administration has made theft of intellectual property by the CCP easier than ever.

  17. At the end of the day, it’s made in CHINA! Do we reason trust a wal-mart station??🤣

  18. NASASS should of had small town built on moon if they had stuck with it since 65'. moon should of been place to park junk satellite's and clean up space. What company will do that in near future.

  19. Need I remind everyone that their station is all made in China? So no worries, it's guaranteed to break!

  20. Sounds like a page out of the Moon hoax, where China clames that we never landed on the moon and where they want to cripple the ISS and become the only superpower to control space.

  21. I don't think so, china is on the way to complete national bankruptcy…
    They'll be lucky to last for 2 more years.
    That dump is about to implode..

  22. 1 starship in orbit is a space station … one that can be brought back , refurbished and redeployed …. this is so far ahead of permanent waste of money stations … this is why space x is NOT in the running for a permanent station … 1. it is not cost effective compared to starship 2. its not practical compared to starship … 3. the list goes on … even those against space x know just how far ahead this company is … from anyone !!!

  23. Until China's private industry can ramp up to SpaceX's capabilities, China isn't going to be a threat. They may certainly may score some propaganda points over NASA on certain levels, but it's not going to matter. 100MT to useful LEO for $10M and do so at the pace Musk wants, not much to worry about until China can catch up to SpaceX. By the time China is able to do so, Starship V2 will be operational pushing the goalpost for China even further away.

  24. not worried about the ISS. THE U.S. has more useful resources, now. SpaceX is the equivalent of Roscosmos.

  25. Elon Musk is light years ahead, but it's United States politicians of Biden who is holding up Space X progress.

  26. But, English was the first language spoken on the moon. Unless you believe Apollo was faked.

  27. Clickbait titles equal Automatic thumbs down, and added to the don't recommend channel list.

  28. Stop with overly dramatic headlines. It is so repetitive and annoying