JUST IN! SpaceX Announces NEW INSANE Polaris Missions

After achieving successfully launching and landing its first private astronaut mission into space, SpaceX is taking the space game to another milestone. In September 2021, Jared Isaacman and three crew members went for a private ride on a SpaceX Crew Dragon rocket, which made a remarkable history.

The private ride was tagged Inspiration4 mission, which was the first all-civilian private spaceflight to make it to orbit. After experiencing this great feat Isaacman is inspired, and now the private space patron is going with SpaceX farther than any other player in the space industry has gone before and perhaps even breaking an orbital flight record along the way.

In 1966, astronauts Pete Conrad and Charles Gordon flew the Gemini 11 mission 856 miles above Earth, which is the highest Earth orbit ever achieved through the Apollo program, which went manyfold further to the Moon

Jared Isaacman, who is 39-year-old and founder of Shift4, an online payment processing company, and the commander of last year’s Inspiration4 mission, revealed his “Polaris Program” on February 14, which is going to be a trio of commercial space flights to begin on SpaceX’s existing Dragon spacecraft as soon as November or December of this year and culminate in the first crewed launch of SpaceX’s new Starship in the years to come.

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