Vital warning 2022: "A series of meteorites crashing into the Earth". How did SpaceX & NASA act?

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Vital warning 2022: “A series of meteorites crashing into the Earth”. How did SpaceX & NASA act?
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Earth exists in a dangerous environment. Cosmic bodies, like asteroids and comets, are constantly zooming through space and often crash into our planet. Most of these are too small to pose a threat, but some can be cause for concern.
Surprise asteroids have visited Earth in the past and will undoubtedly do so in the future. When they do appear, how prepared will humanity be?
Well, it’s time for heroes to appear!!!
Both Elon Musk and NASA, who have given terrifying warnings about massive asteroids about to crush Earth, have plans to prevent these potential catastrophes!
What specifically?
Let’s find out in today’s episode of Great SpaceX!

Millions of objects of various sizes orbit the sun. Near-Earth objects include asteroids and comets whose orbits will bring them within 120 million miles of the sun.
Astronomers consider a near-Earth object a threat if it will come within 4.6 million miles of the planet and is at least 460 feet in diameter. If a celestial body of this size crashed into Earth, it could destroy an entire city and cause extreme regional devastation. Larger objects – 0.6 miles or more – could have global effects and even cause mass extinctions.
Vital warning 2022: “A series of meteorites crashing into the Earth”. How did SpaceX & NASA act?
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  1. When you’re not afraid of death, all this silly nonsense doesn’t matter. What you need to fear is survival. You’re gonna task with cleaning up all the mess.

  2. The Starship that they sent to Moon and Mars that they plan to use as first habitat have a flatter fusiludge??? It would be more compatible with the idea of barren it to protect against radiation. If they could land it on it belly other than standing straight up. Also easier to access and exit for astronauts??? Lay it down after landing would be incredibly hard. Go nuclear power.

  3. It's going to be like the 1951 movie "When World's Collide" everybody will be fighting to get on the rocket leaving Earth

  4. Why can't we place a powerful magnet on the Astroid and aim a magnet with opposite poll, and just push it away.

  5. How feasible would it be, i wonder, to send out a starship in expendable mode with a nuclear payload? If you can turn a large asteroid into gravel, you'd get a nice light show with no need to redirect it.

  6. I lolled at Elon's "Avenge the dinosaurs!!" tweet. I read recently that there are plenty of asteroids out there that we can't see, as they're not lit (or backlit) by the sun. There have been a few that popped up unexpectedly with less than six months warning, which is the big problem. If we can see them, then we can track and plan our mitigation. Hopefully humans will develop some good strategies for the unexpected ones.

  7. Instead of saying "NASA launched" it is more correct, "NASA had SpaceX launch". The way you word it makes a 'spend everything you can get your hands on' government agency seem legitimate.
    Look at SLS for a good example.

  8. Hey like your Chanel but trying to curb my appetite for watching everything so my threshold is click bait thumb nails that completely misrepresent actual content if video. Will continue to peek into your content but will unsubscribe.

  9. And while we wait, due to the FAA's flight restrictions, Space X's orbital test is being held up.

  10. Hi Kevin and Team.
    love how the channel is growing and it's quality content as well.
    share a pic of the team sometime! make it easier for your viewers to relate to the voice and team behind the videos 🙂
    Love from Argentina!