Is SpaceX Suborbital Flight happening soon?

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  1. I think the strategy could be to use point to point transport as a loss leader to gain market share and more importantly, to build a market for commercial applications in order to expand the sector to enable more profitable venture like astroid mining or maybe space tourism or space film production

  2. I'd pay for a Starship flight. If it means I don't have to basically waste 2 days travelling, it's a steal. I only have so many PTO days in a year, and if I can experience another extra few days in a different country on vacation, it's totally worth it.

  3. The biggest issue is time.
    Getting there, boarding the rocket, and then launching, landing, and then getting to your final destination would make this take only a few hours less then a plane. And it would cost way way more and put out an obscene amount of pollution.

  4. We should not even talk about putting people on these flights until we see sufficient successful cargo flights first.

  5. The reason for starship is going into space. Travel around earth could be an option but not more than that. Also comparing a new de delopment with an existing business is not very useful. Once space travel evolves cost go down and technology matures. Then travel around the earth might become an option.

  6. How much G you would have at Starship!? A lot, most of people could not even stay conscious..

  7. NASA’s Commercial Crew program has an estimated loss of crew at 1-270. It is a big ask to get Starship (powered landing) to this level and much more difficult for it to become anywhere close to plane levels of safety.

  8. I think that y'all are dismissing the business aspect of it way too much. Is travelling halfway around the world in half an hour not revolutionary compared to spending a full day travelling on a plane? Why do people spend money on private jets: speed, convenience, and luxury. Obviously the speed factor is solved here, convenience is something that may make or break it I feel, and luxury is not there but I can certainly see businesses forgoing it for the sheer speed! I mean imagine. You work for a multinational corp, based in New York, and you have want to have a lunch in Tokyo with some clients. Totally unfeasible to make that trip today, and not worth the hassle for one lunch. With Starship you can accomplish that in an afternoon, if we say travel to and from the landing ports, passport control, and flight time is 5 hours total? Say it costs 10k round trip? That's feasible. Loads of companies spend that much on less valuable stuff. Of course many things have to go right for suborbital p-to-p to work… but I wouldn't dismiss it out of hand so clearly.

  9. One accident, God forbid but just one accident. And this all will obliterate faster than the rocket that would crash.
    Space missions with military grade astronauts are one thing. Flying average Joe's in rockets are a whole different story.

  10. Your last question – when is it going to happen – is the biggest of them. Elon Musk doesn't have a good track record on his predictions. All the technical problems are solvable, but the costs may not be. We also need, as a human race, to stop burning stuff – we need to be focussing on making flying carbon neutral. There's no point trying to get around the planet any quicker if the planet itself is rapidly becoming unsustainable for human life.

  11. They don't need to be more profitable as planes as they could do more flights per day

  12. Hyperloop, bring tunnel and point to points are all kinda stupid. Just use a train, bus or bike. That's how you actually save the environment. Electric trains have existed for nearly 150 years and driverless trains for nearly 50. Best part is if a driverless train has a malfunction you just shut off power to it, it stops and people climb out. If a starship malfunctions, good luck.

  13. Elon Musk also claimed Tesla semi would start deliveries in 2019 and claimed a Hyperloop would ever exist, at all…

    I think point to point is another dud

  14. Haven't watched the video, will watch the whole video, but my opinion going in is…

    Anyone who promotes the idea of routine suborbital travel is delusional.

  15. You’re not factoring in Starship’s point-to-point biggest advantage: you get to spend 1/2 hour in space. There are people paying hundreds of thousands of dollars for a few minutes in suborbital space. A lot of people will fly on Starship point-to-point just for the 1/2 of space. Even if SpaceX has to charge 3 times the price as an airliner, they’re offering an ultra premium experience for a a few times the lowest cost flight.

  16. I'm never convinced of the business potential of faster travel. Look at concord. That was a faster mode of travel. What happened to it? Why didn't it spur on the design of more fast modes of travel? That's because the big airline companies know what people really want to spend money on, and that's cheaper flights. As was mentioned in the video, price is a major driving force when people buy tickets.

  17. It's sad to see this becoming an elon musk/ Tesla/ spacex channel. Your videos 3-4 years back were so good! Please come back.

  18. I think you miss an ever bigger problem, the political one. As Musk said is an ICBM that lands. How could a goverment allow a missile landing at supersonic speeds near a big city. If a Starship loses control it would become a ICBM aiming at a city with millions of people