Elon Musk FINALLY REVEALED Tesla’s Insane NEW E-Bike!

Elon Musk, SpaceX And Tesla E-Bike

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The EV market is booming! And why wouldn’t it be.
Concerns over vehicular emissions, increasing consumer awareness about air pollution, and increasing investments by government authorities in the development of EV charging infrastructure are all expected to keep the market growing.

And one prominent name in the market is Tesla and its CEO Elon Musk
who is no stranger to innovation. From cars to rockets to tunnels, the
prolific entrepreneur often redefines entire industries. And now he is coming with an amazing concept. You must have known that Tesla has planned most of electric micro mobility, but they are working on an interesting e-bike concept.

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  1. I think it's odd the handle bars don't steer the front wheel which is a concerning feature for that mechanism could fail from use, power failure, or low battery issues causing a dangerous crash. It's a lightweight Tron cycle! Elon is the most intriguing individual ever. It's astounding how it turned out in 2022 that he's the richest man in the world and buying up large companies now. Us fans all hope he changes the world for the better for he seems to be very patriotic.

  2. I have a couple E bikes and my immediate concerns are this.
    1. Replacement Parts :: My Ebikes are extremely flexible with parts. If something breaks, I can swap it using parts from pretty much any full size MTB so it's cheap.
    2. Battery Removable. Having a Non-removable battery in a EBike is a recipe for disaster…better hope that puppy can be replaced.
    3. Cost for Power :: I don't want to pay for a self driving bike, if it means I lose out on power, range and price. The whole point of a Ebike is that you can save money through commuting and still get somewhere on time.

    If I were Musk, I would have developed a Kit, that would allow you to upgrade a normal bike to a Ebike. Drop the self driving stuff and focus on Weight, Range and Moddability. imo, MOST bikers are not going to care about self driving and would rather have something that is reliable and somewhat replaceable.

  3. Industry took the most green machine and turn it in too real green entusiast nightmare

  4. Government regulations limits the parameters of any performance or quality with e-bikes.

  5. Didn’t make it past the first two minutes. Useless fluff! Get to the point, if there is one.

  6. He already ruined the joy and fun in automobiles, now he's aiming for the bikes 😑

  7. So much bla and also stuff that makes it not really competitive but guess people without a clear mind would still buy it for 6 times the cost of another e-bicycle.

  8. Omg love the fact it folds up.. I can as a disabled person. Travel omg it fits inside my vehicle no rack 👌

  9. Talk Talk Talk about the history of Tesla. totally unnecessary. Just review the bloody bike.

  10. Spokeless tires suck on Bikes Sorry. I love elon but it only looks cool everything Else is worse

  11. Those fixed bars will go really well when you want to fit through a narrow opening! It will be a throw away job when dropped

  12. I would rather see this technology used on electric unicycles.
    The eUC industry would be greatly benefitted with longer range and safer batteries.

  13. true that I ride 5 miles straight up a mountain, another 20 miles after on a specialized turbo Levo, it’s a blast and haters blow me 😃😃😃😂

  14. Thats one ugly bike and with power steering no thanks I'll keep my rocky moutain powerplay.

  15. It looks like 'bicar', not bicycle which only Tesla owners can afford.

  16. We get the autonomous benefit. As a bike rider; I dont want to battle the computer for steering control. Can two people ride if needed? Anti theft?

  17. The imaginary bike steers by force, unlike a regular bicycle that steers by force. What could possibly go wrong with auto pilot on a bike?

  18. Sure Bro’ it’s about time there’s an option of a Decent Quality Ebike. Australia first Please

  19. I'm I the only person that does not like the steering handlebars not moving?
    Maybe the bike could have two setting:
    1) steers like a regular bike
    2) steers by pressure sensitive handle bars

  20. This is for rich folks that just want to have to say they have a Tesla Ebike.