SpaceX Starlink Loses 40 Of 49 New Satellites Due to Solar Storm | Elon Musk | Geomagnetic Storm

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This lesson starts with a discussion on SpaceX Starlink Loses 40 Of 49 New Satellites Due to Solar Storm | Elon Musk | Geomagnetic Storm. This is for UPSC CSE by Kinjal Choudhary. It is very important for the UPSC CSE/IAS 2021/22 preparation

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  1. This is not failure of Elon Musk, this is the failure of scientists who make it.

  2. No poblm. Every failure learn lsn. Next step bypass solar strom Statelite make

  3. Woww Too Good….Thanks To Surya…❤️ 🚩 👌👍…Best Video From Pathfinder 😁 Need More To Devastate Him 😁

  4. Punish Elon Musk for the Space Debris developed…Elon Musk is a idiot who can dumb whole human civilization for his own goals.

  5. Kitne toxic comments hai !
    itna bhi nai soch rahe hai ki, it is kind of loss to human mankind.
    ofcourse musk ko financial loss huva hai, but mankind will suffer intellectual loss !

  6. Starlink india me aana chaiye ku ki bhut saara place pe broad band connection available nhi h.

  7. All these big companies get ready to be destroyed soon whole world govt is full of assholes

  8. This man is gonna produce lots off space junk. He just can't understand that you can't launch thousands of Sattelites without creating problem.


  10. Very bad news for Earthlings. Not all of the satellite will fall on the ground probably. Mostly will remain in the orbit and this will create more space junk. This can be a huge setback for the Elon Musk but we all knew he will again launch those 40 satellite i.e. more space junk. This is really a bad scenario since he is enjoying soft power under US Govt. and nobody is raising a voice against him on a big scale while this is not a concern of the single country or region. I'm not saying to go against the idea of launching satellite into space. His objectives seems good but the results will be disastrous for the whole earth. We already have a lot of junk in our ocean which we just started thinking about. What we are waiting for ? To get surrounding by a no. of satellites (a lot of junk) so that we can't even see the stars ? Why we can't think of sustainable solution of anything while we already talking about sustainable development and all since 2015. Then why not this ? Why we need to pollute the space without even knowing that how will we clean those space junk ? Anyone working on that part ? We all are just happy to see a solution for the problem (not reaching internet into every area) but on what conditions ? Creating a solution which will create much much bigger problem later ? Enjoying the moment right now m Waiting for the bigger problem to occur ? Are you one of them stupid & lazy human ? Raise your voice against wrong things ! Yeah, it doesn't mean that start raising voice against the Musk on each and every topic. It just means ask the world how they are planning to sort out the junk problem first before launching a no. of satellites into space ? Ask them Space is not a property of a single person or country. It is collective responsibility of all to keep this planet clean, healthy and safe for all of us. Who would be responsible for the death caused by these satellites and all ? A lot of questions and None of them got Answered just because of this geopolitics ? But till how many days ? Sitting on a time bomb ? Just wait !

  11. No matter how much human think they have achieved in centuries,
    Nature shows human their place in a fraction of microsecond.

  12. Does dis doesn't product air pollution will buring up n even while laughing ….. 12k satelite is he trying to destroy the space n air quality of earth❓ voice should be raised ….n revenge should be taken for the stetment given by him about India n Tesla …….this is the tym… 🙏😁