SpaceX… Ahhh SpaceX… Famously created by Elon Musk, the richest man on earth… *Jeff Bezos enters the room* Well, the richest in terms of electric cars… So, on a serious note, we’ve got 2 billionaires, two of the richest men on earth. And they’re trying to explore space in this 21st century space race… Is it a movie? No. It’s real! And it’s the SpaceX vs Blue Origin space race! Well, that’s what we’re going to explore in today’s video on the full business analysis on why SpaceX is better than Blue Origin!! Here it goes! Enjoy!

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This video is in no shape or form financial advice, it is strictly intended for entertainment purposes only.


  1. The self deprecation shown in this video may be why you don’t have a girlfriend or no girls find you cute. No one likes a Debby downer. Go to the gym, work on yourself and when you least expect it girls will be attracted to you. Your confidence is key.

  2. Blue origins is way safer than SpaceX rockets and starlink won't be profitable till it passes like over $30billion and the satellites stop working in under 4yrs so hello Kepler effect

  3. Build something that's radiation proof without 3 feet of lead and concrete. Go ahead I'm waiting

  4. I would like to know how they plan on dealing with the super lethal doses of radiation. How you getting past the huge radiation belt.

  5. Gets a like because of the honesty of not finding a girlfriend. If it's any consolation, if you were a rich billionair-nerd, you'd get a girlfriend in no time, I assure you. The problem here, is not the nerdiness, thus. 😉

  6. Jeff Who? is no engineer… not even social. He's an entrepreneur.
    Elon Musk is a self taught rocket scientist, automotive engineer, and radical thinking innovator.
    There's really no comparison.

  7. Bezos is stuck in the Malthusian stupidity. Specifically the stupidity that fails to note that our ingenuity has exceeded out population growth and that TODAY there is LESS starvation than at any time in history.

  8. yeah blue origin may be the tortoise but cmon its been 21 years since blue origin was founded and they are just now going to space

  9. Sorry to say that, but Bezo is so late that ULA is still waiting on the BE4 rocket engins for it's Vulcan rocket and because of that some of the US Military launchs were transfered and will fly with SpaceX. NOw Keep in mind that Blue Origin still haven't launch or tested the reusable New Glen Rocket that need also the BE4 engins. Me I think if Blue Origin doesn't step up the process or speed up development of New Glen or the BE4 rocket Engin they could lose big. And don't forget Bezo with amazon want to put up their own internet broadband service in orbit like StarLink from SpaceX and there again they are late and with all the small competitors that have started to launch sats in orbit, Blue Origin will be stuck with only New Shepard for a sub orbital rocket for tourism. You have to ask yourself if Bezo's is really interrested in space, because he sounds more like a big talker. And don't be surprised to see the Russian Roscosmo new reusable rockets fly to space before Blue Origin New Glen first flight.And with the Chinese pushing forward for space exploration, I have to wonder if in reality Bezo's is in fact slowing down the US effort for space Exploration. And he's trying is best to slow down SpaceX. NASA should push Blue Origin to the wall and force them show results or be kick out of the partnership with NASA, ULA, etc.

  10. Blue Origin did NOT win the NASA lunar lander contract, SpaceX did. Blue Origin then filed a LAWSUIT saying 'Not Fair!' Blue's lander was a upgrade version of the Apollo lander, and just met the minimum requirements.

  11. I'm sorry, but any support and respect I have left for Bezos has evaporated with his recent lobbying to fuck SpaceX up. My respect will return when his BO can provide actual competition to SpaceX. Right now he is just being a sore loser and pretending that his BO is legit competition. It isn't.

  12. Blue Origin did not win the NASA contract to put the next people on the moon. Space X did.

  13. At 9:30 I think you have a graphical error where you state that Project Kuiper is approved to launch 6,000 satellites. But your graphic shows 60,000. Other than that this is a great video!

  14. So what if MR ELON MUSK has a DIFFERNT Vision than Mr.Jeff Bezos does MR ELON MUSK wants to go to mars and MR JEFF BEZOS wants to go to space so what if he doesn't want to go to Mars he still wants to be part of the space programs which is way cool So there different but the same so still very cool keep going mr. Jeff Bezos blue origin will be space-bound soon

  15. The problem with Blue Origin is that they have a business person running it, while SpaceX has an engineer. As spacex continues to dominate you will have those engineers in college going to work for them, while Blue Origin most likely have the left over. I would rather live in another planet than be floating around in space in glass tube that could break or something can hit it.

  16. The trouble is Bezos is doesn`t like to pay his workers and won`t even let them have bathroom breaks. So when he gets people on space stations or colonies on the moon they`ll have no choice but to accept his conditions or be thrown out into the vacuum of space. But Elon is a natural innovator who really wants humanity: to continue on forever; to give us eternal life. He is humanity`s saviour. But don`t get me wrong I`m not religious.

  17. SpaceX has setback after setback but they keep on trying and accomplishing amazing things. Blue origin doesn’t it just sits there accomplishing almost nothing if Blue origin doesn’t do something soon history will pass it bye

  18. I suppose I have a hard time calling this a race because the end goals are different. Technologically spacex is way ahead, so if it a tech race blue origin is way behind. And in real life you don't want to be the tortoise.

  19. Everyone gets the tortoise and the hair backward. SpaceX is the tortoise. I mean, the speed at which space enterprise can go us ultimately related to its money. SpaceX had to earn it's way to where it was. That is why their rockets are the most competitive ever built.

  20. Uugh SpaceX
    won the Artemis contract.. Blue Origin and Dynetics just whined about it to the GAO cause they lost miserably.

  21. Holy shit i thought this channel would have ATLEAST like 100k subscribers, I did not expect it to be this high quality from such a small youtuber!

  22. Comparing spacex with Blue orgin is big joke. Spacex is way ahead than blue orgin. Blue orgin can't catch spacex even after 30 years. Infact no one can catch SpaceX.

  23. Go space x with Elon Musk , ya , baby to the moon and Mars and beyond the galaxy and unverise

  24. Space X will win by far. The comparison of the rabbit racing against the tortoise is not a balanced comparison in this situation. Elon is accumulating experience and technology faster than Jeff and this will grow exponentially.

  25. SO Blue Origin has not made it to space with their rockets. Now they are wining that SpaceX has the contract to go to the moon? How do they expect NASA to put any amount of money into BO until they can demonstrate a maned rocket to outer space?

  26. The tortes won because the hare was stupid and complacent. In a war, it is the height of stupidity to plan on your enemy making a mistake so you can get ahead.

  27. I hope Musk gets into O'neal cylinders too. Much easier travel (or even commute) to get there. Great redundancy for life – may not be able to scale vertically the same as on Mars but horizontal scaling is practically limitless. The infrastructure needed to build them would be great to have in orbit around Earth too.

  28. The moral of the rabbit and tortoise story was the rabbit was so sure of winning that it rested. SpaceX is not resting on their achievements and kept on racing.