1st MegaBay Overhead Crane Load Test with Ship 16 | SpaceX Pink

Starliner’s uncrewed orbital flight test-2 flight readiness review, is now planned for tomorrow, May 11.

Thumbnail Pic: Starship Gazer( @StarshipGazer).

Credit: SpaceX, NASA, LabPadre, StarshipGazer, Boeing Space.

0:00​​ – Intro
0:08 – It’s Mars Quake Time!!
0:27 – Doug and ASOG Back to Port Canaveral
0:40 – 1st MegaBay Overhead Crane Load Test with Ship 16
1:22 – Ship 24 Payload Door
1:49 – Starliner OFT-2 Flight Readiness Review Tomorrow
1:58 – Outro


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  1. Probably the furthest Ship 16 has gotten off the ground lol.
    It's actually good to see it used for something other than just sitting there

  2. It is awesome to see both the ships and the boosters looking more and more businesslike, but it would be awesomer to see them fly.
    WhenFly Elon,WhenFly???
    Thanks for the update SxP <3

  3. LOL Starliner acting like theyre still relevant. SpaceX WON the capsule contest. PERIOD. Starship will make capsules obsolete, so everything they are doing with SLS is a complete waste of taxpayer dollars.

  4. Operational I like that and thank you for being pink all go SpaceX pink all go us

  5. If I was a betting man, I'd say if SLS can get off the ground, FAA will approve musk. He is getting held back because nasa don't want to look so bad.

  6. Good to see Insight get some attention and a great Mars quake report. Hope for the best for Starliner test tomorrow…fingers crossed. We're doing very good than the old Russian who watches Bewitch reruns says we are flying broomsticks.

  7. It's not normal to load test with parts that are to be lifted, dummy weights that are heavier than your expected load are used so you know for sure that regular operation is well within its capability.

  8. I was so intrigued when I heard S16 went into HB2!! Also, cool to see Payload bay door in S24.

    Thanks for the upload Pink, appreciate the effort!

  9. Seems like Starship will dispense Starlink satellites like a giant pez dispenser. Always love seeing pictures of Mars. Love the video.

  10. okay NASA, could ya give us a good reason why quakes are happening on a dead planet?

  11. WOW.. let's get rockin'! send some of these babies up… I wanna see the monster ship roar…