What SpaceX changes in the NEW DESIGN of Starship Super Heavy that SHOCKED the rocket industry…

What SpaceX changes in the NEW DESIGN of Starship Super Heavy that SHOCKED the rocket industry…#STARSHIPFANS

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What SpaceX changes in the NEW DESIGN of Starship Super Heavy that SHOCKED the rocket industry…
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What SpaceX changes in the NEW DESIGN of Starship Super Heavy that SHOCKED the rocket industry…

It’s been a year since the last Starship launch out of Starbase, Texas.
SpaceX has not made any more flights. However, during that time, the upgrades of their Starship and Raptor are enough to shock the whole rocket industry!
Let’s find for all in today’s episode of SpaceX Fans:

The idea of SpaceX Starship since Elon Musk introduced in 2019 has been called a crazy one. But diving into its design and engineering is absolutely incredible!

Started with Super Heavy because, in fact, it is in many ways simpler than Starship but just as complex and unprecedented in others.

At nine meters wide and 69 meters from tip to tail, a single Super Heavy booster – effectively a giant steel tube – should be able to store at least six or seven times as much propellant as Falcon 9 and about two to three times as much as Falcon Heavy.
Notably, instead of the 29 Raptor V1 engines installed on Super Heavy B4, SpaceX’s newest Super Heavy prototype is designed to support up to 33 Raptor V2 engines.
While the V2 design significantly simplifies Raptor’s design to make it easier to build, install, and operate, it also substantially boosts maximum thrust by at least 40% more thrust.

Regardless, to accomplish the above purposes, SpaceX chief engineer, Elon Musk changed the design of the Booster. But how?
At first glance, we can find external conduits that protect wiring and smaller plumbing; a different layout of the pressure vessels, ‘hydraulic power units,’ and an umbilical panel installed on its aft.
Besides, their thrust structures – giant ‘pucks’ machined out of steel – have been tweaked to support new Raptor V2 engines instead of the Raptor V1 and V1.5 engines that have been installed and tested on all Starship and Super Heavy prototypes to date.
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  1. stop with the"tacky" "shocked," tag in your titles. It make your articles seem like cheap clickbait. NO ONE WAS SHOCKED.

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  3. i don't know what FAA is thinking i mean by the technology of now we can only use fuel and nuclear power. and yes i think we need a more efficient way of fuel in future but for now i think this type of fuel is good. if in this last 1 year FAA aprove elon project to space. we would been far more ahead in space technology. i mean in the last 50 years we haven't see any major improvement in space. like we never got the freedom space station or a base on moon. space is the future of humanity we explore every inch of this planet, we got to become multi-plant species.

  4. I wander if the hatch made to deploy satellites is also there to unload cargo to the lunar surface.

  5. I dropped you once for click bait and wild rhetoric. Come on. We are smarter than you give us credit for.

  6. hmmm do you suppose those cgi stock scenes are fan-made and then donated or requisitioned financially, or made in house?

  7. Why not do a video of Robert Zubrin's "Moon Direct" plan, and contrast it with NASA's current Lunar exploration ideas.

    Warm regards, Rick.

  8. To the previous comment: If you don’t like this channel, please choose to go elsewhere instead of making an idiot of yourself for everyone to see. The rest of us would greatly appreciate it!

  9. I'll be happy once they get these broomsticks off the ground, show the space industry what innovation is like in action. Been far too long. I know it's tough getting approval. Hopefully, soon or they need do something else. Progress can't be stopped!!!

  10. Elon has said he doesn't want to paint Starship because the paint required to cover such a huge area would be very heavy.

  11. I'm about done with the caps lock abuse and stupid hyperbolic scams like SHOCKED in the titles. YouTube webinars are only teaching you to disappoint your viewers, who are knowledgeable, well schooled on what you haven't even said yet and are looking for additional knowledge. You didn't make the slightest effort to support your silly contention that anyone else in the rocket industry was SHOCKED by anything SpaceX accomplished here. Your chances are running out. You can't just promise. You must DELIVER more than you promise or your channel is doomed. YouTube webinars will have accomplished their purpose.

    We are SpaceX fans. We give you the presumption of good content worth supporting. You are vigorously trying to prove that we would be wrong to support you. Stop it.

  12. It's pretty cool how SpaceX continues upgrading the Starship while waiting for the US government to get off of the shitter. The first launch will be a quantum leap instead of a tentative step. Whether a success or failure, it is guaranteed to be majestic.