SpaceX Planning To Land In Middle of Bahamas – Deep Space Updates – May 10th

Update on the Road!

Fanfest presentation

Currently staying in Hafnarfjörður

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  1. In Iceland… someone is at fanfest 🤣🤣

    10 seconds later you confirmed my suspicions.

  2. The people who were certain that spinlaunch would tos a vehicle through the side of the vacuum chamber don't understand centripetal acceleration and "centrifugal force."

  3. Have you ever thought that when Scott says that he's Scott Manley and that we should fly safe that it's a lie? It's not Scott Manley. It's some meaningless past echo, an empty darkness trying to claim the title, while the actual Scott Manley continues progressing/precessing through the present. Perhaps it should be, "I was once Scott Manley, fly safe." Or maybe I'm on the spectrum and think oddly compared to my peers. Nah

  4. I'm so disappointed..there was talk of landing them near where I live. That would have been fun.

  5. Re: catching a chute, guess there might be something to the bucket catchers and their JC-130's deflating the chute and dragging the payload…

  6. I wonder if AI/neural network helicopter controls could eliminate or reduce the threat of oscillation?

  7. i could see spin launch be a decent little gimmick launcher for certain military projectiles. going to space though seems like a stretch as too what the actual payload could be. they obviously know everything that i dont though, otherwise they wouldnt have went to scale with it, at least i hope thats the case lol

  8. i know this is slightly, or extremely lol, off topic, but ive never noticed the Z before, pertaining to the russian military an the like. whats the significance of this, and what is it. is it just their logo for military or something>?>> ive noticed 0's too on russian vehicles absent of the Z. can anyone explain this to me to save me from googling somethin i wouldnt care to google

  9. I wonder if they could lease some land on Nassau to build a landing pad. it'd be a good tourist attraction and a stable place to land and transfer the booster to a cheaper ship than their drone ship to bring it back to the States

  10. Scot why doesn't spin launch launch from the top of one highest mountains in at least USA?

  11. My previous neighbor, Katya E, is going up with Blue Origin soon! Just saw it in the news!

  12. The Bahamas will be a good place to station the drone ship. They wont have to make 200+ mile trips out into the ocean. Any of the islands will bend over backwards to make them a permanent home. Those light ripples look more to me like ripples in the fabric of space/time and it's effect on light.

  13. Anyone who thinks Russia is going to basically give an orbital station to the US isn't really thinking the ramifications of that decision though.

  14. SpaceX made error in choosing Texas, they misjudged the corrupt politicians. Colombia would've been better.

  15. So I've watched your channel for a year now for the great info on rocketry. I've been playing Eve for 10+ years so I grinned when you were at fanfest. Question: I'm flying to the Bahamas for holiday on Thursday. What day is the SpaceX landing? Thanks again for the great content! Fly Safe!

  16. I have to wonder if they just brought on some commercial helicopter pilots or if they brought on real military helicopter pilots. The military helicopter pilots sling loads like that all of the time and know how to set it up and handle it.

    The thing is mastering helicopter flying is tricky. You are literally balancing on a propeller. Add in all kinds of funky oscillations from this load swinging around underneath you and that is down right terrifying. Maybe in testing you can hit it right and not have the oscillations, but in real life you are scrambling more to line everything up and then you hit it wrong and not it is not like the test. A lot of helicopter flying is what the pilot can handle as the machine can do it. There are limits to the machine though and different helicopters have different limits, so you still have to know the limits of your machine. But still with this incident, it was probably the pilots who were limited on their capability. It is better to admit your limits and cut lose than to go out of control, find you are putting too many loads on the machine as the situation gets out of hand, and then the helicopter gets a tail strike with the rotor blades flexing excessively or something and you are hosed. A tail strike with the rotor blades is a very violent thing as rotor blades have a tonne of kinetic energy in them. It is the kind of force where you are either splattered around the inside of the helicopter or pieces of you fly out of now broken windows of the helicopter as it breaks up and goes down in flames kind of thing. There is no reset button when that happens.

  17. EVE online is a life sucking drag. I started that game in 2004 and played for 6 years. Unless your in GooN sQuad the game is unplayable. I was reduced to a mission player because %90 of game is inaccessible because of pirates and jerks. It breaks my heart you support that train wreck of a game.

  18. Scott: Is it old news that blowing up rockets over bird sanctuaries can get your membership cancelled?

  19. Nice vid! Too bad you don't have a bubbling volcano to look at while visiting there, but Iceland seems like an amazing country!

  20. "Hullo, it's Scott Medley here" is what I heard today. Huh, nice new DJ name? 😀

    Penis museum, Punk museum. Lots of sculptures. Of both, I presume?

  21. Please get on “cameo” Ill give you all my money for a personalized “fly safe” love you man!

  22. Grabbing parachuting large object is not new. Worked at Sperry Univac in the 70s. They had a project of reconnaissance drones that would launch from a large aircraft, fly a pre-programmed mission, return to a rendezvous location, shut down, parachute, and get snagged by a helicopter. Not as big as a booster, but still pretty big and this was almost 50 years ago.

  23. Wait, thats how big DreamChaser is? For some reason I imagined it was way smaller from the promo graphics.

  24. What a lovely city, one of my favorites. Thanks for everything, Scott.
    -Mike from Canada 🇨🇦 🚀 👨‍🚀