144 | SpaceX Starship Sea Launch Platforms Under Construction! – SN9 Strange Tests

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Why did SpaceX pressurize Starship SN9 three times in one day without lighting the engines, what’s different on SpaceX’s second Super Heavy booster and why is SpaceX building floating Spaceports at Brownsville Harbor?

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Editing: Alex Potvin
Starman animations by Tashanimation
Thumbnail: @nickhenning3d

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  1. I’m not a big environmentalist but what do you foresee the consequences of launching fully loaded Starships with 32 raptor engines from the Gulf of Mexico? There is reason people don’t want to launch them from Texas.

  2. If SpaceX were to tow their sea launch platforms out into international waters, they would completely bypass the FAA correct? I would assume that's the case, I just wasn't sure if there were any other considerations from international entities, or if there was any FAA oversight due to SpaceX being a US registered business.

  3. For one of ur future animations maybe consider a 737,747,757,767 vertically next to a starship jus to give the peeps a realistic idea about the size… hull size in particular would be very interesting… jus a suggestion…

  4. Servus Felix,
    kannst Du das nicht mal auf deutsch erklären, warum die SN9 abgekackt ist. Mein Englisch ist nicht mehr ganz so gut.
    LG Helmut (74)

  5. When i saw the engines from the floor and hear the sound it looked like a scene of The Expanse

  6. Is this supposed to be equipped with the rocket at the shore and then dragged onto the sea for launch? Or would the rocket be brought to the anchored platform? Thanks!

  7. If he launches outside the border limit, he should be free of any further interference from the antiquated FAA.

  8. Hi what about it great 👍 video it’s amazing what there doing at space x keep up the good work felix 🇬🇧🚀❤️👍David

  9. LOL, the money shot, Elon when he will be 130 years old anyone agrees? at 4:49 Great job WAI and Felix, you rock!

  10. hi Felix ! greeting from south of France ! first comment but been watching all your videos for a while, really appreciate your accuracy and the quality of your analysis

  11. Oil rigs are usually turned into razor blades about 20 years after being built, it's nice to see a new use for them..

  12. Oh, I just got it! Elon buying oil rigs? Modifying them for launch facilities. Such a penny pincher. Genius! That's why I like him.

  13. Yeah …but unless Musk solves global warming it will all be under water in not to many years.

  14. Does the Moon version of the starship need sea level raptors at all? Wouldn't they be high enough in their flight profile to skip them? If three Raptors can lift a Starship off in 1G wouldn't 3 Vac Raptors be plenty to take a partially laden ship off the 1/6 G surface of the moon?

  15. Have you ever considered what a Skylab style "Wet Workshop" would look like for Starship?

  16. Sea launch platforms allow a lot more launch opportunities. For example, if some rich person wanted to build a launch platform in secret. Why build one when you can build two at twice the price.

  17. And that is with existing technology that SpaceX has currently so for instance the Falcon heavy tanks has two tanks on either side but instead of two tanks the mother starship has four starships a total of five starships in a configuration or cluster the mother starship will have to be built slightly differently and slightly longer so that she can carry the cluster of four ships starships so we know there is going to be a total of five ships a mother four starship.
    The mothership will be launched into space first and the four star ships will join the Mother starship and will Be cuplink together like the Falcone heavy with the two boosters but instead of boosters she has four stars ships around with her

  18. Just a thought that came to my mind. For starship voyage to Mars, instead of filling up each and every starship with a full tank. Elon can create a mother starship that will or can carry a cluster of four starships . These four starships only need fuel for landing and taking off from the surface of Mars and then the mothership has enough fuel to take her back to Earth.

  19. As a petroleum engineer, I had to wrinkle my nose when you called it an oil rig. The thing in the picture is clearly a drilling rig, it is meant to dig holes in the ground, not to suck up any oil.
    Edit: Oh, what you see at 9:30 is an oil rig with the flame burning (called flaring) for burning off excess gas. So the oil rig at 9:30 is not the ENSCO 8500.

  20. watching the mighty LabPadre live link foggy conditions but its early only 10 30 am hoping it will clear for a launch today, Hype….


  22. wait what? i didnt know oil rigs were moveable… i always thought they are built on site somehow…

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  24. i cannot find a link to the discord, u have to be a member to join it or what? or am i just dumm?