OLM Booster Quick Disconnect Testing + US President Visiting Relativity Space | SpaceX Pink

For today closure, after they moved ship 20, we saw another cryogenic test for super heavy booster 7, not just to proof the booster tanks, but for ground support equipments test too, and for cryo tests if we didn’t see any burst, we will assume that the test was successful.

Thumbnail Pic: Tim Ellis ( @thetimellis ).

Credit: SpaceX, Blue Origin, LabPadre, CNSA, CMS, Boeing Space,, Tim Ellis, Relativity Space, NASA.

0:00​​ – Intro
0:08 – BE-4 Test Fire with Raptor Sound
0:36 – Ship 20 Moved to Rocket Garden
1:00 – Tianzhou-4 Cargo Spacecraft Docking
1:09 – What’s Next for TSS?
1:33 – OLM Booster Quick Disconnect Testing
2:16 – Starliner Update
2:26 – Booster 7 – Another Cryo Test
2:52 – US President Visiting Relativity Space
3:28 – What Happened on this Day in Space History?
4:13 – Outro


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  1. Sn15 is, by far, my preferred prototype, the first soft landing (without explosions) of a starship and the first really successful belly flop ever.

  2. I like SN8…. he failed in a great style 😄🚀 and, if i remember right , with a green flash… gorgeous.

  3. I'm so extcited in looking Tiangong grew up and become bigger and well performing. In the orbit should be no place for enemies and war, but only for collaboration….

  4. Another great recap Pink thanks . The Space Shuttle was an incredible machine .

  5. Did ol Joe actually know were he was, can he remember that he was there and what he said.

  6. Best prototype ?. The one that actually works, gets off the launch pad, flys, doesn't R.U.D. makes orbit.

  7. SN8…. for so very many new and uniquely SpaceX things happened on that flight and it was 99% successful!
    Thanks for the reminder of that wonderful flight and thanks for the update Sxp!

  8. 0:59 – SN10, the one that came so close yet so far to a successful flight.

    Least favorite? SN11. That explosion was just disappointing, and I missed the webcast.

  9. Hi, Pink, thanks for the upload! Appreciated.

    My favorite prototype is SN15, because it did the first landing. S24 is cool to me too because it had Payload door and will likely do the first OFT.

    Keep up the great effort!

  10. Good update video 👍
    My favorite is SN 8. I was awe struck to see the launch, its belly flop, glide down and reigniting reigniting the raptor engines.

  11. finally the real speed of the QD!!
    2 seconds to retract…

    now we want to see the engine in place… all tested together!!!
    go go go

  12. well… now that BE4 is nearly proofed out, we'll soon see resolution with the Starbase environmental investication lololololololololololololol

  13. Too bad SN-20 will never fly. I still think that a hypersonic flight would be worth doing both for the data gathered but also to test the shielding. Computer sims are good, but the Starship program is still having to work from estimations and assumptions for some of the data in those sims. I think it was Chuck Yeager who said "There simply are some things you can only learn by flying the thing."

  14. 3 D printing may make it cheaper.. but the FAA has the final word on whether it flies or not no matter the cost.. Go relativity space!!! Boy that Chinese space station is looking good.. compared to the ISS.. Man I never realized what space can do to things.. I am getting ready to get my pink on when Elon's big boy leaves the pad… Damn that is gonna be one fine show no matter what! Keep a close eye my brother..

  15. Glad to see Relativity is getting the attention it deserves! Can't wait for Terran 1 and Terran R!

  16. It's awful hard to say they have all provided the proof-of-concept it has served well ship 20 it's obvious the Chinese are not playing so it's always good to see SpaceX Sierra Starliner and even blue origin moving forward for our future present in space the shuttle certainly was a spectacular vehicle all go SpaceX pink all go us

  17. Even though Starhopper, SN15, S20, and other prototypes have really great accomplishments in the starship system development, SN8 will still be my favorite. I do not know anything about spacex nor I am interested in rockets or space until I've randomly came across a live stream of SN8 while scrolling through yt in 2020. In that moment, it opened my eyes and great interest in what spacex is doing and the mysteries of space and beyond.