SpaceX Starts Florida Megabay for Starship | Cape Update

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In this Cape Update, SpaceX’s Florida Starship factory and Megabay continued to take shape, Blue Origin has put a roof on 2CAT, and Falcon Heavy side booster B1064 was spotted outside Hangar X.

Video and Pictures from Julia (@julia_bergeron) and Stephen (@spacecoast_stve), as well as Mary (@BocaChicaGal), and graphics from Jay (@jdeshetler).

Written by Adrian (@BCCarCounters), Alex (@Alexphysics13), and Mihir (@MihirNeal).

Narrated by Ian (@IanPineapple). Edited by Jack (@theJackBeyer).

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0:00 – Intro
0:34 – SpaceX Roberts Road
3:46 – Pad 39A
5:43 – SLC-40
6:29 – Air Liquide
6:46 – Blue Origin
7:42 – Brilliant
8:38 – Outro


  1. Great update, so much appreciate the detailed commentary.
    SpaceX are really moving fast in Florida.

  2. This is a great video but in particular Stephen’s diction and general speaking voice is excellent 👍

  3. Then a large depot for metal in Africa. You can reach out and see how you can harness, it will go a long way, if possible have some launch sites, the orbital nature of the location is magnificent, will help boost

  4. Nice work on the update. The audio still need a bit work, please I need a site where I can see and read the full space x missions please.

  5. Is it possible for starship to be transported by road or train? The reason I ask is because it feels like this kind of groundbreaking work wouldn’t be done if at least there was a clearance for starship to launch

  6. Love these updates. One request from my side: can you please add a basic map of US with the locations you talk about during the video so I know what location you talk about and where that is in US. You mention the location in the beginning when switching locations but after 5 secs I forget that already. Small map in a corner somewhere would help a lot while watching the videos of location updates. Thanks!

  7. Love these updates!
    One request…when discussing things in a long-range photo that’s clear to you, could you please point an arrow at it so we can tell what you’re seeing?

    Good Examples: zooming in on “64” at 0:46. Very helpful.
    Cutting back to 1064 when discussing 39A HIF.

    Confusing things: second tent on 39A at 4:10. Which is the new one?
    Tower base at 4:26 just an outline would be fantastic.

    4:56 Rebar coming out of the ground. Next to the launch tower. Huh? I watched this like six times…are you thinking those taller pokey parts of the launch tower base are actually the OLM legs? Scale is soooo hard here. Need a giant banana. Lol

    6:00. How do we know this is B1021?
    6:15 TE hasn’t picked up the reaction frame yet. How? I can’t see a thing. Outline? Arrow?

    Much thanks. Keep videos coming!

  8. Consodering the lanich pads at the Cape would, inevitably cause periods of work stopage etc I wonder if SpaceX will try and fit out each tower segment with as much of the GSE stuff at their build location instead of at the pad? Would mean the only real pad work would be interconnectting GSE pipework and running electrical services. We'll see!

  9. Great speaking voice. I could listen to you forever. Thanks for the video also. Man, you have shown me stuff than I thought was there.

  10. People give blue origin a lot of guff, but I'm still really interested to see where new Glen goes. It's not "spacex verses the other guys" it's "humanity verses the universe".

  11. Can you put Blue Origin in a separate building and stop lumping it in with SpaceX. Thanks 🙂 Also Voice seemed low. Please check gain levels on export.

  12. Finally another cape update! I've become so accustomed to daily news updates from Boca that waiting a week for a cape update seems so long