NASA & SpaceX Are Going To Explore A Metal World!

NASA & SpaceX Are Going To Explore A Metal World! This week on the latest space news and updates, we’re looking at a nuclear spaceship, Boeing gets their starliner ready for a test flight, dealing with space debris, and lots more space news…

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0:00 Introduction
0:34 Psyche dreams big
3:15 DRACO’s nuclear development
5:04 Astroscale’s orbit pass
7:13 Starliner encounters Atlas
9:32 Astra is ready for TROPICS


  1. Given the valuable and increasingly rare and expensive elements incorporated to it capture and de-orbit is a very, inefficient way of dealing with space junk.

    Our permanent inhabitation of space would enable retrieval and lucrative recycling of space junk instead.

  2. Excuse me, i am a geologist and the owner of the largest 8-Track tape collection in Clark County, by that authority I have already fact checked NASA and placed a semi-permanent mental ban on them for space hate and rocket racism. I'm good with SpaceX for the time being but Boing? They're double fact checked with triple reverse double throwdown high speed reckless racism. They are in fact on full Twitter Temper Tantrum status and are, deleted

  3. Ok so the humid air in Florida causing rocket valve problems is a well known and COMON issue. So it’s pretty obvious why Boeing would have failed to anticipate, plan for, and mitigate the problem. Right?!

  4. The nuclear thermal engine if it works out could later maybe replace the raptor vacuum engines right? Would mean less fuel to get to Mars and the moon I figure. With vacuum engines like that starship would approach the capability of some classic SF spaceships of yesteryear. Maybe a mix for redundancy too

  5. Seems to me, someone should build a bigger, dedicated astro clean up unit and tow all that material to where it can be repurposed. Maybe drag it all to Mars, colony engineers there would find plenty of use for the parts.

  6. i think you should name your news "news".
    the title doesnt tell that.

  7. Can they plate or coat or harden the inside of valve in a pressure vacuum injected with hot nitrogen gass in the manufacturing of the valves before hand??? Would that help.

  8. Look at NASA and Boeing… Blame it on the raiiiiinn… To think how long those buffoons were all we had and the budgets kept bloating and the schedules kept falling… Space X has been doing that for how long now? AND with reusability!!! Stop wasting my tax dollars on those dinosaurs…

  9. 3:15 This section was a bit vague and it sounded like you were implying the nuclear engine would be used on the launch vehicle. Nuclear rockets aren't suitable for Launch Vehicles and are intended for in space use only. For example DRACO would be a more efficient replacement for Merlin or Raptor Vacuum engines not the engines used on the Falcon 9 or Starship's boosters. Otherwise great videos. Keep up the great work.

  10. How will they work around the potential impact of any potential catastrophic failures of a nuclear based propulsion system in rocket.

  11. Once they survey the psyche asteroid, it will be easier to design plans for space based smelting and manufacturing, which will eventually lead to low cost orbital rotating space stations normal people can live in.