SpaceX Starship: Booster 7 Cryo Proof Tested | China ‘Deeply Alarmed’ by Starlink Capabilities! Why?

SpaceX Starship: Booster 7 Cryo Proof Tested | China ‘Deeply Alarmed’ by Starlink Capabilities! Why?

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  1. I'm sorry… there's nothing that prevented China or Russia from doing what SpaceX did. They just didn't do it.
    And on a different note: I don't want there to be any tensions between nations. I wish we could just freaking get along. The PEOPLE in these countries are largely great people. It's just governments that are being asses, and we (United States) aren't clean on this either.
    Everyone: Free your citizens to do their best, and you'll be surprised how much good stuff will happen. True, people can be greedy lazy jerks, but that's humanity. Governments don't need to enforce people tolerating greedy lazy jerks. (Let's go Brandon resonates)

    Ok! Enough of this! Everyone go spend some time doing great things for your family, friends, and maybe even some other folks you may never get to meet.

  2. As I expected, this video drew in the Russian and Chinese disinformation corps like bees to nectar.

  3. Supporting Ukraine is supporting Nazis and Nazis murdering Slavic Russians in the Donbas area.

  4. When Dmitry Rogozin, the head of Russia's federal space agency Roscosmos threatened Elon Musk, because Musk delivered Starlink satellite-internet systems to Ukraine. My first thought was that Rogozin may attack orbiting Starlink satellites, possibly setting off the Kessler syndrome. Or maybe the Russians may try to kill Elon, or both.

    Either way it was not a good idea for Elon to challenge Putin to a fight over Ukraine, even if he was just kidding. The Russians have killed a lot of people world wide, I guess Elon feels unstoppable due to all that he's accomplished, despite all obstacles. But messing with Putin may be among the dumbest things he's done, this is not a game.

    I hope I'm just being paranoid and over reacting, and that it all blows over in time. But still, not a good idea messing around like that. Cheers.

  5. I got bored with no Space-X happening and the FAA, so I've UNSUCRIBED to all Space-X

  6. No one realize, that starlink could be used by invasion forces from outer space.

  7. this 80% of LEO… what a BS. If this was true others as Amazon, OneWeb etc would not have space to put they satellites, and we know, they have.

  8. It is notable that the present-day Scholar/Official hierarchs of the Chinese State attribute "military ambition" to a completely private company.

    This is similar to the attitudes China's Scholar/Official Court Faction had toward Chinese private maritime traffic between 1449 (the Tu Mu Crisis) and 1859, when the wars over Silver and Opium happened between China and Britain. At the time, this sprang from Faction fights inside the Chinese court, but it extended for 400 years, because Scholar/Officials both frowned on Merchants, and knew that their successful subordination of the Court's Eunuch Faction (which strongly favored Maritime Merchants, and often had them as vassals) was under threat whenever Chinese maritime trade flourished.

    We see a similar pattern today, though China says it is reacting differently. It is now attempting to suppress a US company that offers the most valuable thing the world has to offer, information and the ability to communicate it. Indeed, it is being treated as the "Opium" that the Scholar/Officials once feared would (and did) drain from China the Silver inflow that helped stabilize their Manchu Dynasty's foreign rule of the "Central Kingdom" . Information is far more addictive than opium, and far more capable of unhinging the reactionary rule of the hierarchs currently reducing, for the last 10 years, the percentage of China's resources that are allocated by market networks, and increasing the percentage of those resources allocated by politics.

    The term "Cyber Sovereignty" is an interesting techy translation of "control information and what our people know". It seeks to justify exactly the suppression of free speech that Elon Musk and SpaceX have supported. In this, the current Scholar/Officials align themselves with the old levels of State Control typical of the Ming and Manchu Dynasty rulers, while attempting to portray themselves as "modern". Their repetition of the old agrarian culture attitude, that "Private = Pirate" should be coming along sometime later this decade.

    We must wait upon events.

  9. There is no need for China to be deeply alarmed. The US Gum-mint is the one that should be deeply alarmed.

  10. Interesting, for a good company, every failure leads to improved design and operational experience. That's what SpaceX does very well. China is laughable. We know by observation and experience they steal technology for their own use. I presume that's what they are doing with their space network. Open you PC and consider what Chinese sponsored hackers have done to destroy the use of both your PC and telephone. Does anyone believe they are good guys doing it for the best interest of mankind?

  11. China is afraid of censor free internet access just as much as the US Government. Neither can maintain their power once the truth of their corruption and hypocrisy is visible to the world.