China's SpaceX breaks record ! Deep Blue Space rocket flew to 1000 meter height and returns !

China is now one step closer to build its own reusable space rocket, similar to the Falcon rocket from SpaceX in the United States.

A Chinese company, Deep Blue Space tested its “Nebulae M” 1 rocket prototype, the rocket successfully completed the 1-kilometer vertical take-off and landing flight test.

The rocket made lateral movement during the process, and landed at the target position with high accuracy. The rocket was successfully recovered.

This liquid fuel rocket body used in the one kilometer test has carried out 3 flight missions and 7 static ground ignition test, achieving the reusable design goal.

The rocket has a “Thunderbolt 5” engine, with liquid oxygen kerosene fuel combination. The engine is manufactured by 3D printing technology in China.

The completion of the mission breaks the record of China’s reusable rocket flight tests. The end goal is of course achieving successful implementation of orbit and recovery of the full-size rocket itself.

Previously the company has completed the 10-meter and 100-meter flight test, proving the reliability of its liquid oxygen kerosene engines and control methods.

The same rocket prototype has performed multiple successful tests, a very good sign that the company Deep Blue is on track of its announced schedule. It has become the fastest growing reusable rocket company outside of the United States.

It is worth noting that in 2012-2013, SpaceX took more than a year, and 8 tests to achieve the same goal, while Deep Blue only took 10 months and 3 tests.

Deep Blue Aerospace is now the only other company in the world to complete all low-altitude engineering tests of vertical recovery and reuse of liquid oxygen kerosene rocket.

The CEO of Deep Blue said: “Building a space transportation system using reusable carrier rockets is one of the keys to developing space resources and moving toward deep space. ”

The “Nebula-M” 1 test rocket has completed its mission. In the next stage, Deep Blue space will only perform high-altitude recovery test with a new full-size test rocket, and reach the orbit with this new rocket. And then Deep Blue will initiate the first Chinese commercial reusable rocket mission launching a satellite into orbit. That would be the first time any country achieving this goal other than the United States.

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Photo and video: Wiki common, Chinahangtian weibo, Shenlanhangtian weibo


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    Впрочем уж лучше так, чем как у Рогозина.

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  4. The landing legs look a lot like SpaceX.
    Cheap Chinese knock-off (again)

    Even their Mars rover looks a lot like NASA's rovers.

  5. Stolen technology-hey-anyone else notice the rocket landed too fast and the video was clipped? lets see the lrest of the landing.

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  8. Not surprising at all, the young engineers and scientists are the disciples of Qian Xu Sen, The father of China rocket. He was involved in the Manhattan project but was expell out of USA due to his refusal to built missile bombs to attack China.

  9. That's a big bounce upon the landing. Probably destroyed the leg and possible engine. Still a long way to go.

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  13. 1: The feed cut out immediately after the rocket hit the ground. 2: It was a hard landing. The footage was slowed down to a fraction of realtime in order to mask this fact. A realtime-fixed version of the footage can be seen here: 3: "SpaceX took more than a year, and 8 tests to achieve the same goal, while Deep Blue only took 10 months and 3 tests." IP theft is something else, huh? Of course the problem with IP theft of something as deeply complicated as rocket science is that the shorting of the R&D cycle is all you get out of it; at the end of the day, you're still ten years behind the company who is continuing to push ever forward.

  14. Lol spacex also did this 10 years ago when it hadn't been proven tech and with fewer advancements in the aerospace industry but hey, pat yourself on the back if it makes you feel good

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