Ukrainian flag will be launched on a SpaceX rocket + Space News

OneWeb + Polaris mission + Elon musk to be a Trillionaire
OneWeb Soyuz rockets to be repurposed.
Russia’s space chief, Dmitry Rogozin, said this week on Twitter that the six Soyuz rockets earmarked for OneWeb satellite launches will now be used to launch Russian satellites. OneWeb, via Arianespace, has already paid for these launch vehicles, but the agreement has been broken in the wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. OneWeb has not said what other launch provider it will hire to complete the initial version of its low Earth orbit broadband constellation.

Russia apparently plans to pocket the Western money and simply use the rockets for its own purposes. Rogozin said “dozens” of privately developed Russian satellites used for communication, meteorology, Earth observation, and other purposes will now be sent into orbit on the Soyuz rockets. He characterized this as “unprecedented” support for private Russian space companies. I think we can expect to hear a lot of bluster from Rogozin about this Russian commercial space industry that, for all practical purposes, does not really exist.

Ukrainian flag will be launched on a SpaceX rocket
The Polaris Dawn project’s founder and software millionaire, Jared Isaakman, will be waving the Ukrainian flag over Earth’s orbit.
The mission which will launch on the SpaceX Crew Dragon spacecraft: will complete the first commercial spacewalk, test Starlink laser communications in space, and perform research experiments.
Crew members from Dragon and SpaceX will spend up to five days in orbit, during which time they will try the first commercial spacewalk and perform scientific research to improve both human health on Earth and our understanding of human health in the future.
According to SpaceX, the duration of space trips and being the first crew to test Starlink laser communications in orbit would provide significant data for future space communications systems required for missions to the Moon, Mars, and beyond.
The Polaris space programme will take the Ukrainian flag to a location in space that is free of oppression.
“We stand with Ukraine and its brave citizens and all those fighting for freedom across the world. The Polaris Dawn crew will take this flag to a place in space that still remains beyond the reach of tyranny.”

Elon Musk could become the world’s first trillionaire with SpaceX
According to financial company Morgan Stanley, Elon Musk might become the world’s first trillionaire.
It will not, however, come from his immensely successful electric vehicle firm Tesla. According to The Guardian, it will most likely come from Tesla’s nascent space business SpaceX, despite the fact that Tesla’s net worth is at $850 billion, nearly 30 times SpaceX’s $30 billion price tag.

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