Elon Musk REVEALED World's FIRST AI Nuclear Reactor

Elon Musk REVEALED World’s FIRST AI Nuclear Reactor

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  1. Small local community nuclear power is the necessary accompaniment to electric cars, etc.

  2. Fascinating stuff but…. why was there a clip of prince Andrew being questioned about his nefarious dealings in there?

  3. I have been wondering why he hasn't been heavy into Fusion.. it is the most compelling chance we have for true clean energy and unlimited space travel

  4. Just make sure the artificial intelligence Knows by running it safely as protecting itself

  5. For Elon Musk I hope it works and I hope the artificial intelligence proves that it could be trusted for All the Above I'm not worried about the artificial intelligence not instantly taking over total operations I'm concerned about all the bad programmers I think they always got a fiddle with software and the artificial intelligence I hope syntelligent enough to protect itself from hackers

  6. Ha didn't know old princ Andrew was into AI.. I don't think Elon has anything to do with this. Nice try at least you got some view

  7. Yes……it is enviromental clean……only one or two cubic meters a year each plant is nothing. Can be stored in deep mines, hundred kilomteres of roads, good for milions of cubics for milions of years safe storage……there is no problem…..never was.

  8. I can't find any news articles about this. Are you that early? Can you provide a source or something?

  9. A very smart idea, and rather obvious now that someone has thought of and publicised it!

  10. Brilliant .. but can’t understand why Disgraced Prince Andrew was in the video.. 😅😂😅😂

  11. I think he needs a real setback and lesson I'm humility and gratitude. AUTHORITIES, MARCUS & SAMUEL; THRONES, JASMINE & STEPHANIA, Let it be. Baptize Elon Musk and his engineering team according to your orders I gave on baptism. Execute, Exact, and Engage right this minute. 2:22 PM ET. 5.12.22.

  12. name one thing Musk did? he sold a company that never made a dime for millions and bought a car company. wait , thats sound like a CIA operation