SpaceX fixed & upgraded 230 Feet Rocket in a major accident in just 2 weeks Shocking the others…

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SpaceX fixed & upgraded 230 Feet Rocket in a major accident in just 2 weeks Shocking the others…

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Just after two weeks, SpaceX completed repair to the 230-feet Super Heavy Booster 7’s seemingly irreparable issue!
Well, what went wrong with B7???
How did SpaceX fix it?
Will B7 be able to fly?
All this and more in today’s episode of Great SpaceX!

Super Heavy Booster 7 (B7) left the High Bay it was assembled in for the first time on March 31st and rolled a few miles down the road to nearby Starship launch and test facilities on a set of self-propelled mobile transporters (SPMTs).
On April 2nd, the roughly 230 feet rocket was installed on top of Starbase’s lone orbital launch mount (OLM), setting the stage for crucial qualification testing.
The start of that process was exceptionally successful.
After minor tests on the stand, Booster 7 finally managed some significant testing on April 14th. Judging by the rhythmic shattering of ice that built up on Super Heavy’s tanks, the test stand was able to simulate the thrust of Raptors to some degree and subject the booster to major mechanical stress that was felt from tip to tail.
Within a few days, Booster 7 was removed from the test stand and returned to the high bay on April 18th.

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  1. Have I found another decent Youtube channel that accurately reports SpaceX stuff? Seems so. There are many bad ones. You have entered the club.

  2. What's really shocking is the silly mistake that caused the collapse 🙄

  3. Elon are you still ok with me O didn't mean to upset you son the babysitter remark you took the wrong way boy

  4. Can we get at least one post without talking about that agency that everybody seems to love so much that's holding everything back? They sure do have a lot of positive publicity for bungling. Great video otherwise.

  5. Your titles suck. They're inarticulate and confused and convey no real information upon which to base a decision about whether or not to watch the 'content' so ineptly showcased. Any advertisers who wish to advertise their wares on your channel should have their heads examined.

  6. I don't know why people are so shocked that Spacex could achieve this in such a short time. This is what happens when you employ people based on Merit and Ability rather than which Pronouns they prefer to be Identified as or Hired because of who they know or are related to.

  7. This is why Space X is a hundred times better than career government grifters like Boeing

  8. After Space X started ramping up their area at Kennedy space center instead of Stare Base Texas to launch their Starship someone high up had a change of heart. Suspicious!

  9. I think they will test to break this test site.
    Test aggressively. Rather bombs go off at your test site.
    Learn what you now know and use Florida as you're prime launch platform.

  10. I love how SpaceX live testing breaking fixing and reprogramming satisfies the needs of astronauts hearts that everything has been done to safeguard their safety with test after test in the open so we can see what is not hidden, that is success…😉👍🚀

    Definitely cannot say the same thing for SLS I wouldn’t put a mouse in that 🚀

  11. Congrats to SpaceX for repairing it. I wonder if they just pressurized the damaged downcomer in place and repaired the mount points/seals? @4:26 actually a vacuum forming is the least likely/plausible in a high pressure system like this. The plausible cause is a relatively low pressure in the downcomer compared to the oxygen tank. ie 60PSI in the oxygen tank and 55PSI in the methane downcomer. I suspect that during detanking they didn't pump in replacement gas at the same rate they were extracting liquid methane. That lowered pressure in the downcomer relative to the oxygen tank. The downcomer isn't designed to support external pressure. It has those flimsy unbraced rings but those are probably only good for 1-3PSI. So it crushed. The damage was mostly to the support rings, the tank ends, and the seals, than to the downcomer itself. Replacing the downcomer would require spectacular surgery of the tanks and hull… so I bet they just inflated it back into shape and repaired the ends. Even if they don't fly it, it was good knowledge to gain re: whether this could be fixed in the field in a pinch.