SpaceX Starship Updates! Ship 24 Fully Stacked! Booster 7 Testing Continues! TheSpaceXShow

Welcome to the latest SpaceX Starship updates video from TheSpaceXFans. Kicking off today’s video, we have a few updates for the standard SpaceX news. Over in Boca Chica, work continues with orbital infrastructure as always. Then, as future prototypes get constructed, there’s now a new Starship with Ship 24 fully stacked! Also, at the launch sites, after repairs, Super Heavy Booster 7 testing continues! Sit back and enjoy!

All sorts of cool and up to date SpaceX info from launches to boosters and more:

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Massive thanks to these people:
Mary (BocaChicaGal):

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  1. You really should slow down a do , much more indepth reporting . I like your link , but really! Go into more detail an slow down , Please !!!

  2. I WAS THERE!!! for the RUD. I just happened to be hanging out watching that one particular test stand area and accidentally caught it on my GoPro. Not really a good shot as I had no clue exactly where they MIGHT test fire so it's behind some trees, BUT I was there. So Cool! Working on the video now at a KOA in Mt Pleasant TX. Space is so awesome.

  3. Ok first let me say I enjoy this channel, I’m subscribed and I like the concise no hype format. Second… my inner 8 year old always hears him say “the space sex show”!
    Anyone else?