LIVE at SpaceX Starbase Launch Complex 1080p60 Pro Camera Super Zoom Wow!

LIVE at SpaceX Starbase, Texas using 2nd gen Starlink internet service. Professional Camera with Super Zoom 1080p60. Please consider joining my YouTube membership or Patreon membership to help support my work and keep me going. I’m using top of the line gear and it’s very pricey to run, maintain, repair and replace. Monthly data costs are also very high. I can only afford to do this part time for now, but with more support, I can cover more days and longer hrs when I can stream. I am entirely viewer donation funded. If I don’t receive donations and memberships, then I go broke and will have no money to do this. I have been covering Starbase since March 12th 2021 after moving 3,000 miles across the country and plan to spend the rest of my life here covering this massively historic project and developments. Thanks so much!

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Camera: Canon R5 with 100-500mm RF lens plus extenders and a couple of other lenses. ( $12,000 )
Camera is hand operated, no robots or remote control.

All of my content is triple backed up and archived for long term historical uses and your support directly contributes to my historical content creation and safe storage.

I am just a one man show. I apologize if I miss your comments. I have to alternate between checking comments and operating the camera.

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A Little About Me:

42 year old single guy from Colorado
Hard core life long SpaceX fan from the very beginning and huge supporter and promoter of making life multiplanetary since the Mid 1990’s
U.S. Marine combat veteran (4 years active duty, 4 years reserves)
Held a U.S. govt. Secret security clearance
3 years of college completed, earned an Associates degree with high honors in Pre-Engineering was attending college for chemical engineering
Attended around 3 dozen rocket launches live in person while living in Florida
Built kit and self designed model and high power rockets throughout the 1990’s