Axiom-1 Launch And Landing On SpaceX Falcon 9 Carrying 4 Astros To The ISS #shorts #space #spacex

Axiom-1 Launch And Landing On SpaceX Falcon 9 Carrying 4 Astros To The ISS #shorts #space #spacex


  1. Реально долбоëбов куча, а как тогда они по вашему на Луну садились.

  2. 😂😂🤣😂🤣😂 elon's toys and stupid people who waste time to follow this scam

  3. А в россии в это время даже нормальный автомобиль НЕ В СОСТОЯНИИ выпустить местные наши балбесы !!!!! США МОЛОДЦЫ!!!!!!

  4. Damn,Space X just can make extra pocket money ,selling podium stands ticket to watch those rockets landing back.

  5. Imagine, NASA has been involved in space flight since the 60s and hasn’t achieved this level of success

  6. Musk first shook the ecommerce, than automobiles, then aerospace and now finally movinh towards wokies.

  7. Cigar shaped just like in many of the UAF sightings but I guess it’s just coincidence

  8. Wow they are still allowed to say God speed!! Amen I hope it never changes..

  9. For all the hate Musk gets for being a member of the ultra rich, you've got to admit…this accomplishment changed what we thought was possible. All existing corporations with space experience told him this was impossible, and he convinced his engineers that it was.

    There's a big difference between this guy and the old money folks that inherit it, then just make more through hedge funds and banks, etc. They shouldn't be thought of the same way. I'm glad Musk has money: he is legitimately helping. The people who work for his companies describe working unbelievably hard because they believe in his mission. These things wouldn't happen without him. He is the inspiring leader that got this group of engineers together, and that inspires and encourages them to "do the impossible" regardless of the cost, because Musk is interested in improving human technology, not profitability. It blows my mind that people bill him as a villain. If anyone should be a billionaire, it's this guy.

  10. I’m in my 60’s, never thought I’d see the ‘Science Fiction’ of my childhood become reality in my lifetime👏👏👏 Having said that, we were taught to count better than todays generation