Russia’s loss of billions of dollars on rocket business to SpaceX & Elon Musk…

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Russia’s loss of billions of dollars on rocket business to SpaceX & Elon Musk…
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The Soviet Union was the original space superpower. For decades it and then Russia led the world in key technologies for operating beyond the Earth.
For now, space lore remains powerful, but Russian space is not as glorious as before!
This country is making shameful setbacks in a field it once dominated by “rotting from within.”
That’s all???
There’s a worse thing than that.
Russia is completely humiliated by a US private space company!
A private company competes with an entire nation.
More surprisingly, it won.
It’s unbelievable but it’s true!!!
Russia lost of billions of dollars in rocket business to Elon Musk’s SpaceX.
How did SpaceX do that?
All this and more in today’s episode of Great SpaceX!

Let’s start at the beginning with the ISS race, the first time Russia’s loss of rocket launch business became SpaceX’s gain!
Since the Space Shuttle was retired in July 2011, America was forced to depend on Russia to ensure the presence of Americans in space.
As of April 2020, a total of 38 Americans have flown on 35 launches – one of which two years ago nearly ended in disaster, but which otherwise have been successful.
Notably, Russian space launches themselves aren’t cheap. NASA has bought flights for its astronauts on Soyuz at a cost of $86 million per seat.
In total, America has to pay Russia up to around $4 billion, an expensive amount to ensure continued American human spaceflight.
However, the May 2020 flight of SpaceX’s Crew Dragon ended this Russian gain.
The successful Demo-2 mission returned spaceflight to U.S. soil, for a considerably lower cost, just $55 million per seat.
As a result, the Russian industry lost billions of dollars in the rocket launch business to Elon Musk and SpaceX.
However, this is not the worst!
Russia’s loss of billions of dollars on rocket business to SpaceX & Elon Musk…

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  1. What about NASA? Surely it has also been even more humiliated! It couldn't even compete with Russia before Musk transformed the industry.

  2. One of the biggest problems that the Soviet Union had was it's typical socialist lack of innovation. They would usually steal or borrow western technology and copy it. Sometimes even improve on it. But even though the Soviet Union is long gone, the desire to innovate has never really appeared. The Technology that they continue to use is old, simple, and outdated. What Musk created is new, innovative, and far superior to what the Russians use. Under the current dictatorship of Putin, innovation is still stifled. When the vast majority of those in charge of innovation focus more on staying in favor with the ruling elite and fearing for their lives if they fail, then the focus is not on doing anything new. But sticking with what you know already works.

  3. Thank heaves for Elon Musk! America needs to embrace him and help him promote and improve access to space and deep space by lifting the partisan BS restrictions leveled against him by numerous federal agencies bent on destroying him.

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  5. The real reason Russia's space industry has falling back as far as it has has everything to do with economics. Russia's economy up to about 10 years ago was crap and they simply didn't have the resources to invest in their space program. That's changing now but current leadership is holding them back. They now need dump the crackpot political dinosaurs and get new young blood to kick start things and get them back to where they once where.

  6. Ha, ha, I laugh 😂 at Russia, they have screwed up now, with no launch business, all to just take over Ukraine, Russia is a crazy leader, he is almost the devil himself.
    Ya, way to go SpaceX, take over all the space business. SpaceX just makes sense. Russia is done with space business. Who is going to fly with a murderer?
    Don’t sell Raptor engines to anyone, they can copy what you do. Don’t sell SpaceX engines.

  7. So, do we need to start a Cosmonaught underground railroad? A lot of good talent over there. Amerka. Land of Winnibagos and plump women. Seriously, I would bet that everyone working for Roscosmo is being watched very closely by Soviet… um… Federation security services.

  8. Excellent presentation. Difficult to understand the Russian self inflected withdrawal from cooperative space research efforts. Bad for the Russian economy. Humanity must find a way to cooperate in order prevent our own self destruction.

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