Elon Musk Just TOTALLY DESTROYED Attacking Russian Sat!

Elon Musk Just TOTALLY DESTROYED Attacking Russian Sat!

According to a Pentagon official, SpaceX’s Starlink internet service stopped a Russian strike in Ukraine faster than the US government could, suggesting that the military may learn a few things from SpaceX about fighting against electromagnetic warfare. Wanna know more?

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In today’s video, we’ll talk about how Elon Musk just blocked and stopped the Russian attack in space.

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What is electro? We are surrounded by electromagnetic energy. It travels through space in waves of light particles called photons, each of which has a different length.
There are super-short waves, called gamma waves, on one end of the electromagnetic spectrum and long waves on the other or radio waves. The visible light wavelengths are in the middle of the spectrum.

Musk stated, that with electromagnetic warfare: the electromagnetic spectrum is now used as both a weapon and a target in warfare; for example, a military can employ electromagnetic radiation to jam an enemy’s radio or radar.

It is distinct from the decades-long practice of conventional warfare.
The military use electronic warfare to take advantage of an adversary’s electromagnetic emissions; they can block or jam communication or spectrum, causing communications and navigation to be disrupted (GPS). They can also capture and decode communications to learn about an enemy’s objectives. Electronic warfare is normally stealthy and undetectable to the enemy, yet it can wreak significant harm. Any military can be wreaked havoc by a loss or disruption in communication, with the most serious consequence being an inability to communicate with other parts of the force. Because every instrument and machine includes electronics and communicates through EM waves, electronic warfare can take place on land, sea, and in the air, according to Musk.

Because of the increasing reliance on EM Waves, EW has become a vital aspect of any country’s defense preparation. In today’s world of information technology, practically every procedure necessitates some type of wireless communication, hence having a strong electronic warfare capacity is essential.

Electronic Masking, Reconnaissance and Intelligence, Eavesdropping, Electronic Reprogramming, Emission Control, Infrared, Radio Frequency, Electromagnetic Deception, Radio and GNSS Jamming, Anti-Jamming and Deception, and other methods and technologies are used in electronic warfare.

The reported Israeli attack on a suspected Syrian nuclear plant in 2007 was another example of Electric Warfare in action, Musk said. Operation Outside the Box used electronic warfare devices to disrupt Syrian air defenses while Israeli military jets destroyed their objective and returned without being spotted. According to reports, the Israelis took down Syria’s complete air defense system, including radars, anti-aircraft guns, and other systems, while performing the operation.
Electronic warfare can be classified into three types, Musk stated. Electronic Attack, Electronic Defense, and Electronic Self Protection. Their names speak for themselves. But, we will, however, go through how they function and how they are carried out in greater depth, Musk explained.

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