Starship's First Orbital Booster Ready to Receive its Engines, Elon's Timeline Update

Elon Musk revisits his Starship timeline. Polaris Dawn begins training for SpaceX’s first space walk. Another Starlink mission is launching today. And we finish with today’s Honorable Mention. Ep 320







Intro: 0:00
Starship: 0:20
Polaris Dawn: 2:20
Starlink: 2:58
Honorable Mention: 4:18

Soul Frequency by Cymatix

Elon Musk:
Starship Gazer:
Jared Isaacman:
Starlink Map:
Le Soleil:–quebec-sallie-a-spacex-pour-brancher-10-000-foyers-orphelins-ebbfab0f617725d9b5d0392285e1a18a?utm_campaign=lesoleil&utm_medium=article_share&utm_source=twitter


  1. Re: Canada Internet
    You're simply wrong. The entire internet including fiber optic is effectively funded by government in Canada with private investment. Public/Private partnership. Why? Canada is massive and Internet is considered basic infrastructure in Canada. Not unlike water, sewer and garbage. Access to information is not optimal if a country is to thrive in the 21st century. Canadians are united in our desire to thrive as a country. We only hope our brothers and sisters to the south find the same unity in their namesake.

  2. theres no orbital launch. The delay always repeated you never learn people always over hype

  3. The obligatory political rant; in this case regarding Canadian Starlink subsidies; is sooo brain dead. High speed internet is the modern day equivalent of mail service. Universal mail service; massively subsidized for the most rural Americans; was enshrined in the US Constitution. Yep; those Founding Fathers were apparently commie pinko soshulizm fans. Or so this fascist supporting MAGAt would have to contend to be intellectually consistent.

  4. WYF!
    Stop regurgitating your polluting Vulture Capitalist propaganda onto SpaceX’s joint ventures with Government.
    SpaceX likes working with Government agencies, because they know the value of these ventures. Also, when SpaceX and Tesla were on their collective knees in 2008, Elon can confirm that without Government contract and bail-out money they mostly would not be here today!
    So stop the BS on companies such as SpaceX working with governments!

  5. Canada here Dollars are dollars just most of the time we get shafted and loose 20 to 30 cents on the value to the US dollar. Why? Simply kept this way so you guys buy more of our products. But since you do it should be that our dollar be worth more. But to keep mexico and others out of the equation…

  6. Elon time some years ago: Manned Mars mission by 2022.🥰🤗
    Elon time now: Manned Mars mission 2029 earliest. 😥💀

  7. Hi Kev- on a note: cleaning my PC regular 6months today .

    partials of fluff & dust build up in Radiators & fans Temp B4 Clean idle 34c Now 1st boot was at 26cel but after watching youtube a game drops to 28c much better .

    bits hair carpet & fluffinstuff and wtf ever is floating in your house space .

    clean your PC's troopers mite save you $ overheating cheers

  8. 3-5 years uncrewed. just start launching those starships from the spacex garden. lessons can be learned, and push spaceX forward much quicker, instead of having them as ornaments.

  9. Elon Musk: "we should have an unmanned starship on Mars within three to five years."

    FAA: "Try never."

  10. If you're in a Dragon capsule from SpaceX, launched with a Falcon 9 also from SpaceX, while wearing your flight suit and helmet….from SpaceX, does it make sense at that point to call yourself an Astronaut? Wouldn't "Musketeer" be a more apt nomenclature? Just spit balling 🤔

  11. That’s one of the key differences between Canadians and Americans – we look after each other (i.e. “We the people..”)

  12. Hope Elon makes his own version of Twitter!
    That wouldn't have been a good investment.

  13. The black hole looks like a blurry picture of a girl in a Florescent yellow-ish orange bikini laying on a chair

  14. I cannot wait for StarLink to be available in El Salvador, so I no longer have to deal with dishonest internet providers who extort me.

  15. If we had a cool democracy, each individual would get to choose the allocation of their tax dollars.

  16. The Canadians seem to like having big government, so it's no skin off our noses if they want to pay more taxes.

  17. Excellent update but take that black hole picture with a huge grain of salt 🧂. Sky Scholar has called shenanigans on the methodologies used to produce those images. Thanks

  18. ahh the old, "why should my tax dollars benefit anyone else argument" my favorite. My tax dollars should only pay for my own house not to burn down…not ppl who live where there are forest fires. That's their fault. My contribution to the public good should only equal what makes me better.

  19. Something empty of everything except gravity, I guess" . You should check out Sky Scholar channel. He's got some good science on Sag A.

  20. Hey dude! I’m in Québec and we don’t think like that in terms of taxe dollars… lol ! Here we tend to see the +value of these gov measures. As it reflects directly on the economic growth numbers. I do to! And I’m viewed as someone on the more conservative right side of politics here so… for exemple we get electricity from a state enterprise and as a result we get the cheapest rate in all Americas. So …yep. Big difference in perspectives! Maybe if the USA were not in election campaign 24/7 all year long you’d see the reality as it is and not trough politically tinted glasses 👓 that doesn’t apply to the whole world