First Starship Tower Section Rolls to LC-39A | SpaceX KSC

A replay of our live coverage of the first of the Starship Launch and Catch Tower Sections rolled from Roberts Road to 39A overnight.

Filmed by Chris Gebhardt – with additional commentary from John Galloway, Alejandro Alcantarilla Romera and Ian Atkinson.

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  1. The race is on. Is the first StarShip going to be lifting off from StarBase or StarBase 2.0

  2. NSF great video now I'm going to make a suggestion since starbase Florida or Kennedy is becoming more and more of a thing you need to come up with like calling it starbase Kennedy or starbase Florida something to those effects and then start base Boca chica star base Texas since we've been using star base Boca chica just leave that one alone but you'll have to start coming up with being specific with what you're talking about I noticed tonight that you guys several times kind of got things mixed up when you were talking because you just kind of like said starbase well now there's two of them we have to be more specific just a suggestion thanks

  3. I can see SpaceX putting cameras on both the Falcon9 and Starship towers to film the other.

  4. There's no staging area so these need to be installed before additional segments arrive I assume.

  5. Can't wait to see the full tower stacked! And I actually live in Florida so I could actually get over to see it from across the river! 😃

  6. Think the Tower should be 4 time wipe to take the down force of catching the rocket they haven't tested the rocket on a Drop catch

  7. I find it amusing that you Americans make up your own version English pronunciation. Had a Naval Piolet pronounce Beaufort (Bo Fort) as Beau (as in Beauty) Firt! Not being a grammar police, I didn't correct him.

  8. With all due respect, this is a very welcome n good move by spaceX n elon, not waiting for the FAA n PEA approval at boca chica, so, having an alternative at florida is as good as it gets, before, people in boca chica were very supportive about the development of the area due to the opportunity and all that goes with it, positive i should say, but all of a sudden federal agency had to make spaceX pass thru the eye of the needle to secure such approval, am not sure if its really the process or politics is very much behind it, so, having one in florida gives spaceX the needed option or alternate were to launch….GO SpaceX Godspeed….✌👍👏🙏

  9. I think they have built the 1st and then the 5th because the 5th needs a lot of work since it's where the QD Arm stands