What is SpaceX Installing on the OLM? | WAI NC

Do you know What SpaceX is Installing on the OLM?

A series of uncommented videos directly from the lens of our photographer Chief at SpaceX’s Starbase, TX. Only the latest pictures from the Starship construction site!

Production: Felix Schlang
Editing: Jonathan Heuer
Photography: Kevin Randolph

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WAI No Comment Episode 84


  1. That astronaut character is genuinely creepy. Can we put the eyes INSIDE the helmet please? Just…why do they have to be huge and on the outside?

  2. When are they going to cover up all the plumbing? It cannot be exposed when the booster lifts off

  3. My guess for the mystery building is that it will be used to store and maintain lifts. So the lifts don't produce any lift during a hurricane.

  4. For Starship II they'll need cherry pickers that can climb the walls, it will be too tall for wheeled pickers. Perhaps Otis can design this

  5. The beauty of the rock garden. Spacex can see how all the external surfaces weather over time, especially the TPS.

  6. Can the un-used GSE methane tanks be used for nitrogen or oxygen or water instead of methane?

  7. People like to stop, peer through the holes in construction fences and watch people at work, building a tower or some such project. This SpaceX progress report is like the nation's (and world's) construction site hole in the fence?

  8. That jib crane piece refused to cooperate. You could see the frustration on those guys face. That's the down side to building and learning as you go. They'll figure out how to make it work, no doubt.