Elon Musk REVEALED Timeline For Starship Orbital Launch Flight

IT HAPPENED! SpaceX Is Finally Launching Starship To Orbit in July 2022!

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CEO Elon Musk claims that SpaceX could be ready to attempt Starship’s first orbital launch as early as July.

While SpaceX has been making slow and steady progress preparing the Starship upper stage and Super Heavy booster nominally assigned to that launch debut, the odds that even just one of those two stages will be fully qualified for flight before the end of July are quite small. Musk’s claims about what will happen after that rocket is ready are even loftier.

According to Musk, after SpaceX is done preparing a Starship and Super Heavy booster for their inaugural orbital launch attempt sometime “next month,” the company will have a second ship and booster pair “ready to fly in August” and another pair every month after that.

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However, there is very little evidence that SpaceX is on the cusp of being able to complete a new orbital-class Starship and Super Heavy booster every month. While SpaceX is working on future Starships and is almost done assembling a second orbital-class Super Heavy booster, the pace of that work appears to be about the same as it’s been for the last 12+ months.

Yes, SpaceX is almost done stacking Booster 8 and has begun stacking Ship 25. Sections of Ship 26, Ship 27, and Booster 9 have also been spotted at Starbase. But SpaceX has been unable to finish stacking Booster 8 over the last few months it’s been focused on Ship 24 and Booster 7.

Ship 24 and Booster 7, meanwhile, are making good progress but are still incomplete. Both recently completed several mostly successful cryogenic and structural proof tests and returned to SpaceX’s assembly bays, where workers have begun installing Raptor engines and applying finishing touches.


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  1. we allready know july but its delayed again when amateur think FAA approval mean week

  2. Folks are getting way way WAY out in front of this, there's 75 things that need to be tended to, that doesn't mention the additional 8 or 900 issues that the D.P.F.A.A. will add in order to actually give the final thumbs up. Don't count on a actual launch till well after S.L.S. S.L.S. isn't going anywhere from at least 5 or 500 bonus checks periods.