Elon Musk just revealed Starship orbital flight timeline after FAA's approval

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SpaceX Starship SN
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Elon Musk just revealed Starship orbital flight timeline after FAA’s approval
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SpaceX’s massive Starship vehicle may start taking to the skies in earnest this summer.

Most recently, SpaceX CEO Elon Musk revealed that SpaceX’s Starship will be ready for 1st orbital flight in July!
Interestingly, in the same series of tweets on June 14, the billionaire entrepreneur also exposed the launch schedule of its next Starship.
He said that “We will have a second Starship stack ready to fly in August and then monthly thereafter.”
According to Musk, much of this prep work involves building and testing Raptors, the next-generation engine that will power Starship.
For now, the company is quickly heading to static fire campaigns for both Ship 24 and Booster 7, paving the way for the orbital launch attempt of its game-changer.
The rollback of prototype S24 is a potential sign that this prototype will receive its three sea level and three RVac Raptor engines prior to returning to the launch site.
Musk most recently also just shared an image of S24 in the High Bay.
And as you know, SpaceX finished installing all of the 33 engines on Booster 7.
All of this marks a crucial step toward testing both ship and booster that is already the center of attention for a highly anticipated orbital test flight which will set the ball rolling for SpaceX’s future.
Besides that, the production, as well as the assembly of next-gen prototypes, is also happening very quickly!
Up to now, we can see some parts of B9, B10, SN 26, and even SN27 with unique upgraded designs at Starbase!
In addition, SpaceX teams also are trying to complete stage zero, technical preparations for the Starship test flight.
Over the past year, the company has made significant progress in building and outfitting the Texas launch pad.
Elon Musk just revealed Starship orbital flight timeline after FAA’s approval
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  1. Friggin NASA, FAA, and Space Force bogging down Space X in bureaucratic nonsense on 39A. Mitigation at Boca Chica more bureaucratic mumbo jumbo.

  2. screw the bureaucrats politics bullshit thats why no one can go to space with all this carry on what aload of crap the pirvate busness sector of space travel is gonna be the way lead by spacex good on them the FAA is a us goverment dept funded by us goverment from the tax payers dollars same with NASA us goverment funded from the tax payers if you ask me the FAA is a waste of tax payer dollers just to give the ok its like NASA and us goverment dont want spacex to lauch screw them goverment funded space programmes are always gonna fail the pirvate sector without govermentis involvement are the way where theres inavaction and creativity thrives

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  4. What I don't understand is, why wasn't an analysis done on past explosions and the spread of debris during the Boca Chica malfunctions rather than wait till now to highlight their concerns

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  6. Anyone else thing we have some congressmen and Governmental organizations working against America's best interest?

  7. Now they are making autistic people look bad just stop before you make a disability into a religion.

  8. I think its important for Americans to recognize that while spaceX is held back from launching in Texas to protect some little patch of sand, and held back from launches in Florida to protect themselves from potentially damaging their other launch site, and held back from launching in Cali to protect the interests of entrenched players, and held back from launching literally everywhere else due to regulation, China is not waiting.

    Regardless of the validity of these delays, the USA is losing technological supremacy all across the board due to the size of the administrative state. If we aren't careful, we will fade away into dysfunctional obscurity or worse.

  9. A new rocket a month? Cape Canaveral is going to suffer mass CARNAGE as brains EXPLODE as they see true PROGRESS.

  10. How stupid before little ships are launched in Florida they'll be well proven because of the testing in Texas what is wrong with these people like I said there we will test it before they go to Florida I wonder about some of these journalists they just make crap up

  11. He is going to launch Twitter management into space. No plans to return them, just launch them…

  12. There are no such things as environmental studies in China and never will be. If the US is ever going to visit other planets and save this one, you need to get on with it.

  13. I agree. My father was an engineer in Cape Canaveral in the 60s and the moon race excitement was intense. Today’s federal level of enthusiasm is pathetic.