Elon Musk reacts to NASA's new launch tower "overrun cost, years late and too heavy"

Elon Musk reacts to NASA’s new launch tower “overrun cost, years late and too heavy”#STARSHIPFANS
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NASA Administrator Bill Nelson has just admitted that “NASA is stuck”.

NASA Administrator Bill Nelson has just admitted that “NASA is stuck”.
This is because NASA’s Office of Inspector General has recently released the final audit of the agency’s efforts to build the Mobile Launcher 2 (ML-2), a massive tower meant to facilitate the launch of crewed missions to the lunar surface.
According to the scathing report — which many at the agency have been bracing themselves for — NASA’s contract with tower builder Bechtel has been an absolute disaster, with the agency will cost up to four times as much as originally planned.
Delivery of the tower will also “take at least 2.5 years longer than initially planned.”
What the heck?
This is truly a big disgrace when compared to the SpaceX Mechazilla.
How did SpaceX CEO Elon musk react to this?
Let’s find out this interesting subject in today’s episode of SpaceX Fans:

For years NASA has struggled with ballooning costs of the rocket and spacecraft it wants to use to send astronauts to the moon. Now it has significant problems with an obscure, but vital, piece of hardware used to transport and launch the rocket: a tower of scaffolding known as a mobile launcher.

In the report, NASA’s inspector general said that a second version of the mobile launcher was supposed to cost $383 million. But according to a scathing new report, the project is already running years behind schedule, the launcher weighs too much, and the whole thing is hundreds of millions of dollars over budget. The new cost estimate for the project is $960 million.

For this price, even the richest billionaire in the world, Elon Musk also said: “Seems pricey”.

More importantly, as of this spring, NASA had already obligated $435.6 million to the project. However, despite these ample funding awards, as of May, design work for the massive launch tower was still incomplete, Martin reports. In fact, the engineering firm Bechtel now does not expect construction to begin until the end of the calendar year 2022 at the earliest.
Elon Musk reacts to NASA’s new launch tower “overrun cost, years late and too heavy”
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  1. SLS is a Joke!! Astronauts will travel in a Fiat 500 to dock with a Jumbo jet to land on the moon?. Cost + Contract needs to end and fully embrace the Commercial Program with SpaceX taking the lead. At Elon's prices the cost of the Mobile Launcher is the cost of a 100+ people fully loaded to the Moon. This one or two people thing is Bullshit, they're living in the 1960's… with 100 people landing every single race on the planet can be represented and not just a Woman (If they can decide what a Woman is) and a person of Colour. FOR ALL MANKIND = SPACEX!.

  2. Politicians are destroying the country in the same fashion – they can't do anything right… it takes a quality engineer like Elon to get things done right and on budget.

  3. NASA has been a corrupt organization for years. Milking tax payers money for projects that are obsolete whilst siphoning contracts to company mates. Money laundering anyone? Elon has demonstrated how progress could be achieved technologically and fast when its's partially your own money being spent.

  4. from watching this channel, seems pretty clear that the old NASA/ULA business model was that of defense contractors… years late, billions over budget… no problem, space is tough and there's no better alternative… until now. Now everyone watching can sense these dinosaurs dying… SLS may get off the ground, 4-6 times, at which point it will be utterly lapped by Starship or Starship 2.0. I'd love to see what SpaceX could do with say $1 billion of NASA's money

  5. Bill Nelson needs to retire. He is blaming Bechtel. But, what he should do is blame NASA and the government for not purchasing the vehicle properly. I'm in this type of business and they are NASA has grown so bureaucratic it wouldn't know how to innovate itself out of a paper bag!!!

  6. It is right – how can a contractor bid with unknown design specifications? Additionally how can a contractor predict supply line shortages and unprecedented inflation? Stop coddling SLS and let Space X do it efficiently.

  7. No Actual Space Agency should just have Elon build it for them. He seems to be the one and only with the brains to get it right…and cheaply i might ad..What ever weirdass tower they need, i bet Elon could get it done in under 6 months.

  8. Bechtel is clearly milking NASA's incompetence and the Biden Administration is declaring war with Elon Musk! What the fuck!!!

  9. I know some Tongas who could have knocked that up in a few months for a couple million 🙂

  10. One of the greatest selling points that SpaceX offered the government when trying to convince them that SpaceX would be NASA's best bet was there would be no cost-plus bids from them. They said we will give you a price and that will be it. Of course, that was heresy to all the military contractors in the room, and no-one believed it could be done, just like they didn't believe anyone could land and reuse an orbital-class rocket.

  11. Only NASA can order a 10 dollar pizza with free delivery and end up paying 100 dollars plus 1000 for delivery!

  12. I have a simple solution which can be summed up in two yet very intelligent and intuitive words.. FIRE NASA..

  13. if nasa stop nonsense and contact with Elon spacex to use super heavy as first stage, and use mechazilla as lunch tower insteal of those expensive work that they are try to do , they will save all programs