Starbase APPROVED For Starship Launches!

Starbase APPROVED For Starship Launches! SpaceX reliability pays off, NASA has a UFO study, Cargo Dragon spings a leak, and Astra fumbles TROPICS in this weeks Space news!

Last Video: Concering New Update On James Webb Space Telescope! (Damaged)

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0:00 Start
0:37 The final PEA
4:38 SpaceX reliability pays off
6:49 NASA’s UFO study
9:08 Cargo Dragon springs a leak
11:05 Astra fumbles TROPICS


  1. This new ‘study’ seems like the new project blue book.
    A distraction
    Pulling the wool over our eyes
    Making us think they (NASA) are really going to investigate

  2. 9:00 NASA already wasting their money on SLS and boeing lol
    i'm skeptical about NASA being serious or unbiased about UFO/UAP
    i think the reason the study was done by NASA is to try to close the topic and say it's a natural phenomena

  3. Financially, the shift in investigation procedure is neutral. The political will to know exists regardless. Either we are potentially cataloging low quality false positives or high quality false negatives. The true currency in concern after the money is information. We all want higher quality, actionable intelligence collected in a nonbiased manner by which to make decisions. The newer system accomplishes this more effectively.

  4. Good plan to get more data about UAP's, except there isn't any to gather. Still good plan. Won't work, but it is the only thing to try.

  5. As it seems germane to the topic matter, I submit the following for your consideration. As a sailor stationed aboard the ammunition ship USS Mauna Kea (AE-22) in 1972 while cruising the Tonkin Gulf off the coast of Vietnam, we were shadowed on a clear, moonless night, (approximately 2200 hours), with unlimited visibility, by a brightly illuminated spherical UFO/USO emanateing an orange, golden, and yellow hue. It performed seemingly impossible maneuvers by standards of any conventional aircraft, as it would accelerate from one horizon to the next in the blink of an eye, stop, execute erratic, zig-zag maneuvers, and do it repeatedly over a period of about 5 to 7 minutes. It was witnessed by multiple trained observers including bridge lookouts, before assuming a stationary position relatively close aboard on the port side of the ship, I would say approximately an eighth of a mile or less in distance, at a guesstimated height of roughly under 500 feet, and then slowly descending straight down, surreptitiously disappeared into the water, with calm seas of 0 to 1 feet. When it submerged, the water around it lit up like a Christmas tree before completely disappearing from sight after a few seconds. CIC (Combat Information Center) reported no radar contacts. It was not small by any means, and had to be at least 100 feet in diameter.  I suspect it/they were interested in the nuclear weapons we were "not" (wink-wink) carrying, clandestinely transferring them via underway replenishment (UNREP) under cover of darkness, to another ship stationed starboard. During these operations of transferring nuclear weapons, everyone with the exception of the Gunners Mates assigned responsible for bringing the weapons up from the number two hole, where they were stored, were restricted to the interior decks. The goal obstensibly, was to minimize the eyes-on number of sailors from witnessing these transfers, but from the interior of the mess deck, anyone could easily just look out of one of the many portholes, and clearly see the entire process. It is of interest to note that President Nixon floated the idea of using nukes in Vietnam as late as 1972, in secretly recorded White House conversations with Henry Kissinger. Anyone can listen to these conversations just by going to YouTube and searching "Presidential Talk of War and Nuking Vietnam".

    To further expound, as to the origin of UFOs/USOs/UAPs, I will just say this: I later went on in my time with the U.S. Navy, to become involved with a classified program known as SOSUS, which utilized passive, non-linear hydrophone arrays placed in strategic locations within the Pacific and Atlantic oceans, as well as the Bering, and Caribbean seas, to track and monitor surface and subsurface contacts, most notably Russian nuclear submarines. As an Ocean Systems Technician (OT) within this niche group of specialists, one of my OCONUS (Outside the Continental U.S.) shore-based remote duty stations, was a beta test platform tucked away in a far flung region of the world, where I and my colleagues worked alongside representatives of RCA, GE, and Western Electric while researching, developing and fine tuning bleeding edge, state-of-the-art underwater surveillance systems that could detect, and most importantly, triangulate with other stations, resulting in highly accurate latitude/longitude coordinates, at which time Navy P-3 Orion aircraft would be sent out to find, intercept, and prosecute the target. Once the aircraft arrived on station at the coordinates, devices known as Sonobouys would then be dropped, and upon impact with the surface of the water would deploy a hydrophone to detect the exact location, depth, course, and speed of the target. On more than one occasion, while stationed at various obscure, low profile innocuously named shore based Naval Facilities (NAVFACs) in various parts of the world, sub-surface targets were, on a regular basis acquired which implausibly were traveling well in excess of the capabilities of any known submarine, (up to 300 knots per hour), and then inexplicably disappear from the three dimensional analog devices utilizing time, frequency, and amplitude (sonograms), used to monitor and record all surface and subsurface targets. These fast moving targets were popularly referred to by the cadre of specialists of which I was a member, as "foo fighters", a term originally coined by the pilots and crews of planes conducting bombing missions over Germany in World War 2, for the unidentified flying objects known to shadow them, and vanish without a trace. Because of the sensitive nature of the work I performed, I held a security clearance which prohibited me from traveling to the then United Soviet Socialist Republics, or any Soviet bloc nation, for a period of 10 years following my involvement with the program, or to talk about it with any unauthorized personnel, or to write about it. But, the proverbial cat is out of the bag now. At the end of each duty shift the work I, and my colleagues around the world performed, both land based and ship based known as Towed Array Sound Surveillance -TASS), was compiled into situational reports (SITREPs), and was part of broad ranging comprehensive intelligence reports presented to the President of the United States and Joint Chiefs of Staff each morning as a daily briefing in Washington D.C. The work I performed was basically secret squirrel shit, and I had the opportunity to learn my name in Russian in the event that the facility was ever overrun by the Ruskies.

    To make a long story even longer, even though the U.S. government and the military attempts to highly compartmentalize intelligence gathering operations, (keeping it hidden from the public), once you're in a classified program, there are opportunities to interact with people involved with other secret squirrel operations other than your own usually in obscure out-of-the-way locations, and "stories" are sometimes swapped i.e., I saw this, I saw that, I heard this, I heard that, etc., the point being, the public and common citizenry at large has no concept of the level of black ops research programs there are dealing in and dealing with, subject matter (including, but NOT LIMITED to UFOs/UAPs/USOs that would seem like unfathomable, out of this world – as in extraterrestrial, interdimensional, extra-dimensional David Blaine mind fuck science fiction. Think string theory, M-theory, quantum mechanics, and high strangeness blended in with a touch of the paranormal thrown in for good measure.

  6. What the heck were those crafts in the video from Argentina during UAP segment? Or where did that video come from

  7. I think trying to collect data on UAPs is a good idea, even if it means spending tax dollars on it. If scientists can gain a better idea of what these things are and how they move the way the videos show, this could provide useful information.

  8. I guess now, instead of the song "I Saw Elvis in a UFO" it will change to I Saw Elvis in a UAP which probably won't rhyme!

  9. 6:18 – "Mir" is not an acronym ("Мир" means both "peace" and "world" – an excellent choice for a space station name).

  10. Musk will get lot's of approvals as long as he is loudly political on the <sigh> trumpublican side, like endorsing DeSantis

  11. Hears to all human kind now we have our Horse and Chariot to reach across the cosmos hears to the future and good luck with the final checklist.

  12. If they are looking for aliens on Earth then yes, I think they would be wasting their time. If they are looking for UAPs then I'm all for it.

  13. I never comment but should. You guys are amazing and do an amazing job every episode. Thank you for being creators!

  14. Well, it's a good start. Although, I doubt each and every human on Earth will want to permanently leave Earth just yet. Plus, even if they do, it's still gonna take like a really long while to both acquire resources and build enough really large space colony starship hybrids. Of course, it would probably take a little less time if scientists are able to figure out how to make a sort of living metal that can physically grow in response to a sort of command signal, and matter replication, which I think solving the mysteries behind dark matter may be required for.