SpaceX FINALLY gets FAA Starship Approval! Launch Next Month!?

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Starship is APPROVED! We’re weeks away from an orbital Starship flight. SpaceX has dramatically increased the size of their second Starbase in Florida, Gwynne Shotwell is openly speaking of one Starship per day and much more! Let’s dive right in!

Shotwell Interview:

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Editing: Stefanie Schlang
Photography: Kevin Randolph, aka Chief

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  1. Musk tweets that Ship 24 and Booster 7 will be done in July! What do you think? When will we see that first full-stack launch?

  2. YESh! On target 🧘🏻‍♀️🥷🏻✊🏼😎🖤…. Launch ready? Exshmactly. Means it’s ready 🙌🏼🦾

  3. It's like your script is written by AI, it tells us the same stuff paragraph by paragraph in slightly different ways.

  4. Sag mal was hälltst du von der Reaktion auf den "Offene Brief" der bei SpaceX die Runde machte? Find es ein bisschen hart, dass dort schon die ersten entlassen wurden und unterstreicht ja irgendwie die toxische Stimmung unter Elon. O.O

  5. Does building a launch site in Florida, slowing down the test schedule in Boca Chica?

  6. Oh thank god finally faa give the permission now sugar daddy pls send your girlfriend the abuser AH to the mars ASAP.

  7. Does SpaceX, have to file another permission, if they can't get 7/24 finished by the end of June?

  8. When they get to the point of mass production and storage of the stages or complete rockets do they have a plan for keeping the mass amount of mechanical valves and actuators from failing due to being stagnant for so long, also the air around central Florida can be very harsh on components due to the salt content. NASA had issues with O-rings and the quick thermal changes with the weather. SpaceX has a lot of great minds working on humans returning to Space and it would be great to hear about support and logistics of having such a large fleet. I wanted to say thanks for all the great work you and your team do to produce such an enjoyable and informative channel

  9. I BELIEVE SpaceX is going to have to build at least one more production facility somewhere to build all the starships it will take to make his vision a reality 😀

  10. Dude you know that’s not true

    They ARE NOT weeks away from an orbital flight

    Stop spreading Elon coolade

    This isn’t cool

  11. Felix, where at Jetty Park is the WAI crew mustering? Should I look for a WAI banner?

  12. The booster never flew, starships barely but not in orbit and not re entry with the tiles, successful landing etc, so hold your horses, probably 2-3 more years if not more for a successful try.

  13. Please don't forget that SpaceX needs waaay fewer Boosters than Starships. That is to say: If Booster 8 works perfectly in the future and lands, caught by the chopsticks, then it can be reused to launch future Starship 27 or 28 or 29. Only when they want to redesign a portion of a Booster do they need a new one. And who's to say you can't yank the Raptor 2s off an old Booster and reuse them on a newer one. Again the need for fewer engines than most people think. Each Raptor is supposed to be reused 100 times…So I'm sure we'll see some reuse on new Boosters. One Starship built a day does NOT mean one booster a day too.