NASA and SpaceX Develop New Light Speed Engine That Will Change the Space Industry

NASA and SpaceX Develop New Light Speed Engine That Will Change the Space Industry

In a bid to make space human second environ, NASA and SpaceX have done what could be termed unimaginable, and that’s the mysterious light speed engine we are going to talk about.

We are all aware of how scientists and advanced tech engineers are losing their sleep to discover what could change the world within a short time. Since time is a variable that cannot be overemphasized. It has to be considered to reduce stress and physical effort.

In today’s video we look at NASA and SpaceX Develop New Light Speed Engine That Will Change the Space Industry…Keep watching to see near light speed engine,nasa near speed light engine,light speed engine,spacex new engine,spacex engine,spacex,speed light,elon musk nasa light speed engine,nasa new engine,elon musk reveals their new light speed engine!,raptor engine,nasa engine,starship new engine,spacex reveals,new light speed engine,spacex launch,starship engine,light speed,rocket engine,space,light speed engine nasa,nasa spacex,merlin engine,spacex mars,space travel.

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Inspired by USA & Elon Musk’s NEW Light Speed Engine That Defies The Laws Of Physics!

Inspired by Elon Musk And NASA JUST SHOCKED The Entire Space Industry With SpaceX’s NEW Engines!

Inspired by NASA Designs Near Light Speed Engine That Breaks Laws Of Physics

Inspired by NASA FINALLY Reveals New Helical Engine that Breaks the Laws of Physics

Inspired by Elon Musk JUST REVEALED New Light Speed Engine with NASA!

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light speed engine nasa and merlin engine.

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  1. Ok. Someone please explain why a theoretical design I'll propose here does not work. Say you have two points, A and B, one meter apart. The ship starts at point A, where you use a nuclear reactor to convert some mass into energy. That's easy. Then you use that energy to accelerate the spaceship towards point B. At point B you spend a little more mass to produce energy that you can use to slow down. Without violating the conservation of momentum, you have now moved the ship from point A to point B at the cost of some mass. Why doesn't this work?

  2. Yes great video but that's it keep dreaming and why everything has to involve Elon Musk the only intelligent thing he has is lots of money bla bla bla

  3. Here is the million dollar question: if you even succeed speeding up to light speed when you get to destination how are you going to slow it down and step out of the moving space ship? Do you have a hydrolic breaking system with abs????????????¿???????????¿

  4. Congrats !!! 🎉 Let’s all be the first on Mars or the Goldie lLocks 🪐 Planets.

  5. Yea, I’m unsubscribing from this channel. You watch to much SciFi movies and don’t know truth from fiction any more